9 Civilians, Including Children Massacred by Cameroun Military in Nkwen, Bamenda


GZ Correspondent

News still filtering out of the small locality of Mile 6, Nkwen in the City of Bamenda today says at least 9 civilians have been killed in a drinking bar by the military of Cameroun in an escalation of violence between independence seeking Ambazonian fighters and the occupying forces of French Cameroun.

Lela Mangyie, one of the victims

These killings, AmbaNews24 has learnt, targeted a beer drinking parlour, which Cameroon soldiers faultily thought is frequented by Ambazonian liberation fighters in their leisure hours.

This attack and killing of innocent civilians is coming less than forty eight hours after the Cameroun military was humiliated by Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) in the same City, wherein 6 Cameroon elite BIR forces where killed in the town of Alabukam by a special unit of the ADF.

Sources in Mile 6 Nkwen say the population of the locality has been petrified by the killings in the bar and the brutality with which this was carried out. A local resident narrated to AmbaNews24 that amongst the 9 confirmed dead are the female owner of the bar, her child, and her husband. The French Cameroun Military also executed six customers that were drinking in the bar at the time.

This is a developing story