ADF Ambush Cameroun Military, kill 5 and Seize Weapons


Update: 05. 02. 2020: 18:00 PM Amba Time

Cameroun authorities have reportedly confirmed the ADF ambush on their forces. A military-style communique circulating online, and reportedly from the Cameroun military states that at 11:45 a Camerounpolice post was attacked leaving one dead and weapon seized, one seriously injured, 2 missing.

Pictures circulating on social media, purportedly from the ambush show two deceased male with gunshot wounds, an indication that the wounded police died. One of the pictures shows an individual in Cameroun police uniform. In the other picture, a Cameroun soldier has his boot on the head of the fallen comrade, an act seen as outright disrespect of the fallen colleague and disregard for the Cameroun military in general.

The ADF soldiers have also released a video showing what they claim to be the weapon “harvested” from the ambush

Original Articles

Ambazonia Defense Forces have launched a successful ambush operation against the Cameroun military. Reliable sources within the ADF has confirmed the ambush that took place in the early hours of Tuesday, February 5, 2020. The source explains that the ambush carried out by a unit of the ADF resulted in the dead of several members of Cameroun’s army and the seizure of several weapons.

The leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council and leader of the Ambazonian War of Liberation, Dr Cho Ayaba confirmed has confirmed the attack in a Facebook post and place the number of Cameroon soldier killed at five.

“Your forces retrieved a handsome price” Dr Ayaba’s Facebook message read. Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas’ facebook message was immediately followed by another message that suggested that the leader has ramped up a renewed effort to generate even more resources for weapons as the forces he commands get ready to institute a much drummed up national lockdown. “Our forces are extremely powerful. Unbeatable. They will get an additional 100 AKs before l sit,” the leader added.

There is mounting desperate attempt by the Cameroun government to proof to the international community that it still has a consented governance over the people of the the former British Southern Cameroons now called Ambazonia. To torpedo Cameroun’s claims, the people of Ambazonia called on a total boycott and have now vowed to adhere to a lockdown called by their leadership.

A message put out by the ADF confirming its ambush on Cameroon military on 05.02.2020

Pressed for details and location of the ambush, the ADF insisted that for tactical reasons, they would reveal such information regarding very recent and ongoing operations. AmbaNews will provide the information as soon as they are made available.