ADF Destroys Occupational Elections Military Convoy, 5 BIRS Killed in Northern Ambazonia

Benedict Kuah, ADF Defense Chairman

Divine Achu, Mbengwi, Momo

5 BIRS of the French Cameroun occupational terrorist forces have met their doom, and their military truck completely destroyed by a brigade of the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) on the main road from Bamenda to the town of Mbengwi in the Ambazonian State of Momo in the Northern Zone of the territory. AmbaNews24 has received a briefing from a high level official of the ADF, and this information has been corroborated by one of the commanders of the operation through a telephone conversation describing the attack on the convey, which he said were working to prepare the groundwork and intimidate the population of Momo towards the holding of municipal and parliamentary elections that have been decreed by the colonial President Paul Biya to hold on February 15, 2020. The Governing Council, under the leadership of Dr. Cho Ayaba has banned any such elections organized by French Cameroun in Ambazonia and has warned all Ambazonians from participating in any such elections that it claims will help to legitimize the continuous colonization and occupation of Ambazonia by French Cameroun.

The operation according to the ADF started at 11:00 AM local time on November 26, when a tip off from within the BIR ranks indicated that the BIR convoy of over ten were heading to Mbengwi as part of the campaign by the Yaoundé regime to lay the ground work for the elections. The commander of the mission according to our source mobilize his brigade to lay ambush for long hours on strategic locations on the Mbengwi road. ‘This was a day light ambush that surrounded the terrorist BIRs from all angles, leading to the firefight’ according to one of the junior commanders of the mission. He went on that the fighting went on for about two hours as the BIRs attempted resistance was overpowered by the ADF forces leading to the others abandoning their killed colleagues and running into nearby bushes. The source confirmed that after a thorough sweep of the abandoned truck, and the ‘harvesting of the guns and other military gear’ as the sources puts it, the mission commander ordered for the truck to be set on fire. The source added that, one of the soldiers in the ADF brigade sustained a very minor injury from a gunshot wound on his left ankle and has since been responding to treatment.

Meanwhile, as the tension keeps mounting as to the holding or the non-holding of these elections in Ambazonian territory, Camerounian based political parties have started gesticulating in response of the real threats that such an election can cause in what is looking to be a real showdown between the Yaoundé colonial forces, and the spirited and determined forces of the Ambazonian War of Independence.

SDF Playing with Fire

Social Democratic Front (SDF) of chairman John Fru Ndi

Although the Social Democratic Front (SDF) of chairman John Fru Ndi has yet to take an official stand as to the party’s participation or not in the upcoming elections, senior officials and parliamentarians are speaking ahead of the party. Hon. Cyprian Awudo Mbaya a three term SDF member of parliament from Donga Mantung state, has come out and announced that he will not be taking part in the elections. His pronouncements have pushed some members of his constituency to come out and openly accuse the party chairman John Fru Ndi for haven collected millions of CFA Franc from the Yaoundé government to take part in the elections. SDF Chairman John Fru Ndi, it should be noted has been arrested and questioned twice by ADF forces for his role as an enabler by keeping SDF MP’s in the Yaoundé colonial parliament. John Fru Ndi has often rebutted such accusation by insisting that the Ambazonian people need another voice in the colonial parliament.

CPDM Kneeling Politicians

The Government Delegate to the Bamenda City Council, Vincent Ndumu Nji

On the other hand, a group of Ambazonian politicians who are all militants of the CPDM ruling party of President Paul Biya have begun a very weird and sometimes humorous stage acting in which they collapse on their knees in front of the population, shedding crocodile tears and begging for peace to return. This drama was first staged by the Paul Biya appointed lord mayor or Government Delegate to the Bamenda Urban Council when he went on his knees in Bamenda to beg the population and implore them for things to return to normal. This public drama that has been highly ridiculed by a majority of the Ambazonian people, has been copied by another CPDM supporter who is a member of parliament from the Manyu state of the Southern Zone. The said member of parliament is also a chief of his village, and his public kneeling has caused an outcry amongst subjects of his tribe who have described his actions as a sacrilege to the customs of the people.

French Cameroun opposition leader Maurice Kamto onstage a political rally in Yaounde on September 30, 2018. Marco Longari, AFP

Prof. Maurice Kamto’s CRM party to Boycott Elections

Meanwhile, the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) of Prof. Maurice Kamto, who was the opposition front runner in the last presidential elections in Cameroun, and who was subsequently arrested and jailed for many months has come out to declare that his party will not be taking part in the polls. He cited the ongoing conflict in Ambazonia and indicated that ‘the Cameroun government are trying to use the polls to destroy our party’. He said the plan is to rig the elections in favor of the ruling party, and then turn around and say other political parties are not representative.