ADF on Anti-Elections Offensive in Ambazonia; More than 5 Camerounian Forces Killed, Military Truck Destroyed!


By Jude Kedzeka AmbaNews24 Correspondent Kumbo, Cameroun

High level sources in the Ambazonian Defense Forces(ADF) have confirmed that there has been an escalation of fighting by its forces in the last couple of days leading to significant casualties within the ranks of French Cameroun’s occupational forces deployed into the Ambazonian territory to force the over 8 million Ambazonian people to vote in parliamentary and municipal elections that has been called by dictator Paul Biya to be held next February 11, 2020. These elections have been banned by the Ambazonia Governing Council(AGovC), and other pro-Ambazonian independence movements on the grounds that these elections if allowed to take place on Ambazonian soil, will help to grant legitimacy to French Cameroun’s continuous illegal occupation and colonial rule of Ambazonia as part of its territory.

The current escalation is coming according to ADF sources because of the deployment of significant amount of French Camerounian troops and military gear into Ambazonian territory. These deployments estimated to over 2000 troops according to our sources are a provocation that is aimed at intimidating and forcing Ambazonian citizens to take part in an election that its sole aim is to legitimize La Republique du Cameroun and Paul Biya’s rule in Ambazonia.

The ADF has confirmed that its forces have carried out a preemptive attack on a French Cameroun military convoy transporting over 25 elements of the notorious BIR soldiers into the Ambazonian state of Momo, in the Northern Zone of Ambazonia. Momo state has been one of the areas where the Cameroun Military has carried out some of the worst atrocities and killings in their scorched earth campaign of terror and colonization. These attacks by a joint unit of the Ambazonian Defense Forces have led to at least 5 soldiers dead and multiple transferred to the Bamenda General hospital. The ambush according to eyewitness accords occurred in Mbeme and Mbengwi respectively

Elsewhere, AmbaNews24 is following another developing story with concurring reports that a Cameroun military truck was destroyed in another attack in Bui State of Ambazonia, and casualties are yet unknown.

Meanwhile, a video footage has surfaced on social media showing pro-independence Ambazonian fighters celebrating what appears to be a catch of high caliber guns that were seized when the forces made an incursion into French Cameroun territory to overpower and seize the weapons from a Cameroun military post.

Weapons Seized by Ambazonia Gen. No Pity from Cameroun’s elite forces

There has been no official response from the French Cameroun government about these escalating developments, but in recent weeks, the Yaounde government through its actions have vowed that these elections must hold as a way of asserting its disputed control over the territory. Also, the current escalation has seen a significant number of candidates whose names feature on lists that have been published as candidates standing for the elections to have withdrawn their candidature in fear of being attacked by the population for violating the ban.

In a Face Book post, Dr. Cho L. Ayaba, President of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC) which is the political movement under which the ADF functions has thanked all the pro-independence forces for showing bravery and courage against the colonial and occupational forces of French Cameroun. ‘Ambazonia says Thank You’, is the title of the post from the main leader of the Ambazonia war of Independence. It went on that ‘When a people defy the odds and put their lives daily on the line for the freedom of their country’. The post concluded.