By The ANA-lyst

The Ambazonia Governing Council and the Interim Government faction let by Sisseko Ayuk Tabe have declared a two-day lockdown of Ambazonia.

The lockdown is in solidarity with Ambazonian prisoners of war who last week staged massive protest in La Republique Du Cameroun concentration camps. The government of Cameroun responded to the protests in the Kondengui concentration camp and Buea prison with its usual heavy-handedness.

Reports reaching AmbaNews24 indicated a number of prisoners were killed and hundred dragged into unknown destinations.At the Yaounde’s Kondengui concentration camp, the whereabouts and situation of hundreds of detainees, mostly Ambazonian POWs and some members of Cameroun’s MRC opposition are unknown following the protest. At the Buea prison where a still to be confirmed number of POWs were killed following the protest, the whereabouts of about 300 POWs is still unknown. The lawyers and family members are still in the dark as to the situation of their clients and family members.

The lockdown called for by the AGovC and IG (Sisseko’s faction) will take place on the Monday 29th and Tuesday 30th of July 2019. In separate communique put out by both leadership organisations, the appeal to all Ambazonians to stand in solidarity with the POWs and urge restoration forces on the ground to enforce the lockdown

Below are the communique by signed by Dr. Lucas Ayaba Cho, President of AGovC and Dabney Yerima Vice President of the IG (Sisseko’s faction)

Lockdown communique by the AGovC
Lockdown Communique by the IG (Sisseko faction)