Ambazonia-Biafra Alliance Terrifies Cameroun and Nigeria Governments


Alfred Blinks AmbaNews24, Washington DC

After sending Francis Mbayu, Cameroun’s Minister Delegate to the Commonwealth to get support from Nigeria against the Ambazonia liberation struggle, Cameroun has again sent Paul Atanga Nji, Minister of Territorial Administration to seek more help in cross-border security between the two countries.

Unfortunately for both countries, most borders in Africa cannot be fully controlled by the national security apparati of adjoining states. Often, indigenous populations living along the borders are far more versed with border crossings than the States. Once border indigenous populations chose to cooperate, there is very little success the state apparati can have in cross-border security.

The Ambazonia-Biafra alliance is terrifying Cameroun to its core. Since it became effective, the number of Cameroun military casualties in its  armed conflict against Ambazonia has increased per month tremendously. A former sub lieutenant of the Cameroun elite military, the Rapid Intervention Batallion commonly known in its French acronym as the BIR, who recently defected and now fights with Ambazonia, has disclosed to AmbaNews24 that the Cameroun military believes the unprecedented uptick in military casualties is the result of the Ambazonia-Biafra alliance.

An excerpt of a speech by Babagana Monguno, the Nigerian National Security Adviser to President Buhari reveals the panic governing relations between Cameroun and Nigeria on account of the Ambazonia-Biafra alliance. Addressing the joint Nigeria-Cameroun security meeting, Monguno said, “Nigeria’s territory will never be used as a haven or staging area by any group … to destabilize another friendly and sovereign country.”

The kidnap and the extraordinary criminal rendition of Sisikuy Ayuk Tabe and the Nera 10 already proved Nigeria’s hostility towards Ambazonia. It happened before the Ambazonia-Biafra alliance was executed. As such, the hostility of the Buhari’s government towards Ambazonians is not a consequence of the Ambazonia-Biafra alliance; rather, it can be said that Ambazonia and Biafra were compelled to enter into an alliance of mutual survival because of already existing relations between the Buhari and the Biya’s government that have been hostile to Ambazonians and Biafrans.

Atanga Paul Nji’s presence in Nigeria at the ongoing joint cross-border security committee meeting, and the statements of both delegations reveal how deep the Ambazonia-Biafra alliance deeply worries both countries’ political, military, and diplomatic ranks.

The concerns have been made worst by recent attacks by the Biafra National League against Cameroon installations in Bakassi, including the killing of five Cameroon soldiers in the peninsula.

Reacting to the cross-border security meeting, Mr. Benedict Kuah, the Chairman of the Ambazonia Liberation War Council that oversees the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) said, “by addressing this strategic alliance between Ambazonia and Biafra in their highest level security meeting, Nigeria and Cameroun demonstrate the degree of fear the Ambazonia Forces and Biafra have instilled in both countries. The ADF’s continuous development and sophistication pushed Cameroon to send Atanga Nji to beg Nigeria for military support.” Mr Kuah emphasized that “the ADF will match Cameroun toe to toe until Cameroon vacates Ambazonia.”

Mr Kuah added that Ambazonia “does not need permission from anyone, be it Nigeria or Cameroun to liberate itself from colonial domination. We assured Ambazonians that the strategic alliance will drive panic into the colonialists. Still, naysayers took us for granted. They can see for themselves now.”

On details of what the Ambazonia-Biafra alliance has so far achived, Mr Kuah will not reveal much but quipped, “those begging Nigeria and Cameroon for sympathy must understand they are dealing with bloodthirsty monsters who only care about our blood and our natural resources.”

Mr. Kuah appreciated the tenacity and continuous commitment of Ambazonians to their self-liberation, and exhorted them never to let their freedom depend on the decisions or feelings of their occupier and accomplices.