Ambazonia Defence Forces Now controls 80% of Ambazonia


In a riveting statement that sent shock waves in the corridors of powers in Cameroun, John Fru Ndi declared categorially that the Government of Cameroun has lost control of Ambazonia.. Although Fru Ndi’s statement came at the heels of his release from the den of ADF fighters, it reflected a reality that has been painted by different authoritative sources. Across the entire territory of Ambazonia except in little pockets like Victoria nd Nkambe, ghost towns are respected without any threat of enforcement. Whenever fighters or their political leaders abroad have called for a lockdown, they have largely been respected. Top government officials only ply the territory of Ambazonia heavily guarded and 90% of political administrators have effectively abandoned their posts of responsibilities.

The great question of the day is, if cameroun has lost effective control as alluded by John Fru Ndi and Ambazonia Defence Forces now controls the territory, why is Ambazonia not recognized as an independent state following the 2017 restoration of Independence? This is a question our News reporter will take up with an Ambazonian political leader resident abroad.

Ngia Fru for Amba24 News