Buma Charles
Ambanews24 Correspondent – Bamenda

Fouda Etaba Nicaise – Divisional Officer for Mbengwi

AmbaNews24 has received confirmed information that an elite unit of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) has arrested the colonial Divisional Officer (DO) of Mbengwi, Fouda Etaba Benoit Nicaise.

Nicaise was arrested in Mbengwi, the seat of Momo State and of the Mbengwi local government area or “subdivision” as the occupying Cameroon government describes it. Colonial DO was appointed by Presidential decree number 2017/239 of May 22, 2017 as D.O for Mbengwi.

Nacaise has been notorious for harshly enforcing infamous orders of the Colonial Governor in Bamenda, especially against young Ambazonians plying the Mbengwi road on motorbikes. Many cases of enforced disappearances of Ambazonian youth have occurred in Mbengwi at the order of the DO.

In March 2019, a military convoy transporting Nacaise came under attack by the ADF, but the DO narrowly escaped as he traveled from Bamenda to Mbengwi. His fate, a consequence of his imperial actions, is different today. This is a developing story in the Ambazonia Independence Revolution, and AmbaNews24 will be providing updates.