Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) Roars Against Operation Clean Bamenda


Victor Malum, AmbaNews24, Bamenda

The Battle of Mezam, also known as Operation Clean Bamenda, is an ongoing operation against Ambazonian Defense Forces and its affiliates in Bamenda, Mezam as well as an attempt to apprehend or kill civilians thought of as supporters and perpetrators of the killing of Cameroun forces as they lose control of the city, and region  

The chief catalyst for the operation was the highly publicized self-defense killing of a police officer last week in Bamenda. Cameroun Senior Security officials including the city’s mayor issued a communique banning the circulation of motorbikes in certain parts of the city and surrounding areas, forcing the bikers to circulate outside their regular routes.

Operation Clean Bamenda Press Release

The ban caused the Leader of the Ambazonia War of Independence, and President of its Governing Council Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba to respond by asking that motor vehicles be grounded to include the circulation of military vehicles with the exception of Ambulances, and Humanitarian vehicles from organizations such as the Red Cross, etc.

Since last week, there has been daily firepower for firepower gun battles between the ADF, and Cameroun forces over who controls Bamenda. The battle took a different level today Wednesday, September 9, 2020, when the ADF ambushed a Cameroun military truck on its entry into the locality of Alabukam, an ADF stronghold in Mankon, Mezam killing several Cameroun forces, while losing two of its own fighters in the ensuing gun battle.

The ongoing conflict has seen hundreds of thousands of civilians displaced both internally and externally into neighboring countries. Nigeria to the west bearing the brunt of the influx of refugees and externally displaced persons to include women and children. The conflict has inflicted deadly violence and human rights abuses against the civilian population by the Cameroun military accused of a scourge earth policy that has seen over 500 villages burnt to the ground, and pregnant women and children killed in cold blood as the ensuing occupying military force take on the ADF forces in civilian-populated areas such as open market areas, schools, and hospitals.

The U.S. Senate Foreign Relations tweeted asking the International community to speak up and do more against the ongoing atrocities by Cameroun forces and demanding that the Cameroun regime come to the table with the Governing Council, and its affiliates to pursue an inclusive and constructive path towards peace

Tweet by the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee