Ambazonia Defense Forces Kill 9 in Raid On Cameroun Gendarmerie Post In Manyu State.


Ashu Oben, AmbaNews24, Eyumojock

Concurrent reports from multiple sources have confirmed that the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) carried out a sweeping raid on a French Cameroun Gendarmerie colonial post in the town of Esobi in Manyu County killing at least 9 Camerounian occupational terrorists and collecting a huge stock of ammunitions from the barracks. A resident of the town, located in Eyumojock Manyu county in the Atlantic state of Ambazonia that has been one of the hot spots in the current fight for the restoration of the Independence of Ambazonia since French Cameroun illegally annexed the territory on September 30th, 1961 has confirmed the raid, saying simply that it was a true show of manpower and tactics by the Ambazonia Defense Forces. In a brutal massacre a fortnight ago, remnant forces loyal to proxies of Cameroun invaded the village with machetes and caused mayhem butchering over five civilians in very gruesome fashion. Earlier before them, some local ‘juju-men’ sponsored by French Cameroun carried out a public incantation against Ambazonians who ventured to come out to support their right for freedom and independence. Residents of the area had rubbished this public voodooism and vowed that the ‘juju-men’ will hear from them.

The current raid by the ADF, that is fighting for the total withdrawal of Cameroun from the territory is coming as a strong retaliatory action against what a senior official of the main armed group described as ‘a signal that we own and control our land’

The ADF source equally hinted that more forceful actions will be taken against Cameroun forces who are still dotted in pockets of areas in the territory until all of them are killed or driven away back to French Cameroun.

Convoy of 19 Armored Vehicles Seen Leaving Batibo via Mile 90

Meanwhile, the city of Bamenda in the Savanah State of Ambazonia was blanketed with heavy gunfire on June 14, 2020, as the ADF command and control had cut off electricity supply in the entire city as a preemptive move against truckloads of Cameroun invasion forces descending into the city. The terrorist military went down to Bali, and Batibo through Mbengang with over 19 armored vehicles, and ambulances where they were met with resistance from the Ambazonia Defense Forces, before retreating later in the day.