By Bertrand Baiye
AmbaNews24, Bamenda

A wire message that AmbaNews24 has received indicates that the 3star Ayaba Hotel located in the main town of Bamenda in the Northern zone of Ambazonia came under sustained attack by Ambazonia fighters in the night of Thursday, September 20. 2019.

Cameroun Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, genocidaire Atanga Paul Nji

Fighting between the liberation forces of Ambazonia and Cameroon soldiers continued throughout the night till 5 am early Friday morning local time. Cameroun government forces protecting high-value government officials that were in the hotel pushed back the brave Ambazonian forces.

The wire states that Cameroun’s Minister of Territorial Administration, Atanga Nji Paul was trapped in the hotel  with a number of colonial Divisional officers in the Northern Region as he was touring the northern region states to discuss the security situation, mobilize for the Paul Biya’s convened Grand National Dialogue, and encourage parents to send their children to school.

No Ambazonia Independence fighting group has independently confirmed to AmbaBews24 its involvement in this attack. However, information from local residents has corroborated the intense gun shooting. “My heart almost melted today with the intensity of the shootings,” said a female resident of the Ayaba hotel neighborhood who has been panic-stricken by the arm confrontation. She also believed submitted that a gendarmerie station in Upstation Bamenda most likely came under attack at the same time. It is possible that those who attacked the hotel also used the Upstation event to distract and slow reinforcement from Cameroon soldiers.

Atanga Nji Paul, the Cameroun Minister of Territorial Administration has been at the center of most of the killings and destruction currently being carried out by the Cameroun government as part of its illegal colonization campaign in Ambazonia. He and President Paul Biya are on top of the list of the most wanted men by Ambazonian Defense Forces to answer for crimes against the Ambazonian people. This is a developing story!!