Ambazonia independence forces decimate Cameroun’s Special Elite Forces (BIR): Kill at least 10 including senior officers


By AmbaNews24 Staff

BAMENDA (AmbaNews24) – Heavy fighting between Cameroon’s army elite Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) and Ambazonia self-defense fighters left at least 10 dead Cameroun’s elite soldiers. The elite government soldiers were ambush and decimated on Thursday in Bamesing, a village located in the locality of Ngoeketunja in the North-West region.

The conflict between the Southern Cameroons people who are fighting to restore an independent state called Ambazonia formerly The British Southern Cameroons and the colonialist government forces has killed over 10 thousands since 2016 and emerged as the colonialist government and its president Biya’s greatest security problem in his nearly four decades in power.

The colonialist Cameroon government army Gen. Valere Nka responsible for executing the failed war strategy in Ambazonia, has confirmed the killings to the BBC something he rarely does.

According to war and conflict experts, the killing and decimation of more than 10 elite BIR forces is the greatest blow on the colonialist regime since Biya declared war on Ambazonia. The ambushed unit of the BIR is trained to undertake specialized operations. AmbaNews24 has gathered, this specialized unit of the BIR was accompanied by France 24 news network television crews from Limbe to Bamenda and to Kumbo sometime ago to undertake an operation which was done on camera with France 24. This specialized unit is known as the CAT (Centre Anti-Terroriste). The decimation of this unit has brought so much panic within the military ranks as they lost senior military officials to include a lieutenant colonel, and a captain.

Dr. Cho Ayaba, head of the Ambazonian Defense Force, one of the main Ambazonian self-defense groups, stated in a phone interview with AmbazNews24 that “The time for the international community to take us seriously has come, and it is time for the colonialist regime and its ragtag soldiers to realize they cannot win a war against a determined people and they must leave in peace or we will force them back in body bags. For several months, the regime has attacked our camps,” Ayaba said. “We lost fighters and many wounded.”

The war in Amabzonia dates to the end of World War One, when the League of Nations divided the former German colony of Kamerun between the allied French and British victors. Until 1961, the region was a British colony, Southern Cameroons, while the rest of Cameroon was a French colony, French Cameroon. At independence, a plebiscite was held, and voters in Southern Cameroons opted to join Cameroon as a constituent state of a federal republic. Over time, the power of the central government, dominated by Francophones, expanded at the expense of the region’s autonomy. Many inhabitants identify as Anglophones and resent what they perceive as discrimination and efforts to eliminate Anglophone legal, administrative, educational, and cultural institutions by the Cameroonian government.

In 2016 and 2017, a widespread protest movement was met with a violent government crackdown, which led to rioting and violence against security forces and, in 2017, a unilateral declaration of independence by Ambazonian leaders. Ambazonian self-defense fighters launched an insurrection that same year with the creation of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) led by its strongman Dr. Cho L Ayaba

The colonialist army has burned hundreds of villages and killed thousands of unarmed civilians, residents as reported by many international and local media outlets, forcing hundreds of thousands to flee to neighboring Nigeria.