Ambazonia Governing Council Launches Freedom Pins


Wilfred Tongwa, AmbaNews24 Los Angeles, CA

Like the nationalist and patriotic AmbaCoin cryptocurrency project, the Ambazonia Governing Council under the leadership of its charismatic and visionary leader, Dr. Cho Ayaba, has launched an incredible initiative that is funding the Ambazonia liberation struggle, and taking the “Ambazonia” name and story to the ends of the earth. The initiative is dubbed, the “Ambazonia Freedom Pins”.

The newly launched freedom pins have caught the patriotic wave and many are eager to lay their hands on them. Hundreds of the pins listed on eBay were all bought within an hour.

Freedom Pins Ready to be shipped

Many Ambazonians believe that the U.S $20 cost of a Freedom Pin is absolutely low relative to its patriotic value and the absolute need of resources for humanitarian assistance, support of Ambazonian community schools, protection of civilians especially women and children, and the ultimate independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia.

Ambazonians Funding the #Freedom Pins

Speaking to AmbaNews24, Wilfred Ateh in Los Angeles, USA said, “We come from a Cameroon where it was rare to wear national symbols such as a pin of the country’s flag on our suits. Those who wore Cameroon flags or hoisted them daily in their offices were seen as Paul Biya’s handclappers and cronies. They were generally politicians trying to gain favor from the Yaounde regime. No patriotism at all! And that was not strange, because we hate that country, Cameroon. Today, we proudly wear our Ambazonian pins because we love our nation, Ambazonia.”

Mary Asonganyi Leke in the UK said about the Freedom Pins: “I feel personally attached to this pin. I wear it to work everyday and to Church. It is like owning a piece of my beloved country, Ambazonia that I am longing to return home and live in. Wearing it gives me a sense of belonging to Ambazonia, and living in it. For ones, I feel proud that I am not just a wanderer in a foreign land. It connects my soul to the land of my birth – Ambazonia. I am proud, and thank God for this initiative. Everyone should get Ambazonia Freedom Pins.”

Fernando Curbero, a Spanish citizen who acquired an Ambazonia Freedom Pin told AmbaNews24 in Madrid: “I have a friend from Ambazonia who told me about the pins. I bought it because everyone in the world should be supporting the people of Ambazonia in their freedom quest especially because Paul Biya, President of Cameroon is killing Ambazonians at will – he is violating every human right in the book! The Ambazonia struggle is legitimate. I have read the history. They should never have been forced to be under rule by Cameroon in 1961. Ambazonia and Cameroon are incompatible in their mindset, political outlook, way of life, economic, social, educational, legal and cultural systems. It’s like forcing France and Britain to be one country. Impossible!”

PS Abu Fri and Walters Keyaka both Mcs for the Freedom Pins launching in Maryland, USA

The Freedom Pins are truly a powerful tool for international mobilization for the liberation of Ambazonia from colonial rule by Cameroon. When Ambazonians wear it, it is a symbol of their patriotism and nationalism; a reflection of a sense of identity, connection with, and belonging to the Ambazonian homeland. It is a symbol of pride! When foreigners wear it as we have seen in the USA, Germany, South Africa, Ireland, Hong Kong, Australia, Spain, the UK, Argentina, Mexico, Ghana, India, Nigeria, Canada, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Tanzania, and other places, it is a strong message of solidarity with the Ambazonian people in their legitimate quest for independence and sovereignty.

Sessekou Ebini being honored by the ADF Defense Chairman with a Freedom Pin

The Freedom Pins speak volumes without using a word when worn before any audience. They are captivating, and invite the public to seek to know what they are about. To Ambazonian activists and community mobilizers, they are like a tool of evangelization!

Looking at the pins, one can only conclude that its designers considered aesthetic value in making a true symbolic patriotic statement.

The pins have been most widely distributed throughout Europe and America with local Governing Council members ready to ship one or more to anyone who request them.

Scandinavia Gearing Up for the Freedom Pins Bonanza

There are also growing calls for the Freedom Pins in the Ambazonian homeland. Citizens of Ambazonia in the territory want them. On facebook, in whatsapp fora, and at various community schools and different places in multiple Ambazonian towns and villages such as Buea, Victoria (Limbe), Bamenda, Kumbo, Jakiri, Alou, Kumba, Nguti, Tiko, Bali, Bafut, Bangem, Ekondo Titi, Muyuka, Mamfe, Eyumojock, Widikum, etc, etc, the demands for the Freedom Pins is on a daily rise. AmbaNews24 correspondents in Douala and Yaounde have reported meeting Ambazonians in Cameroon’s own territory boldly asking for the Ambazonia Freedom Pins.

Minnesota Gearing up for the Freedom Pins Bonanza

The Ambazonia Governing Council has both the challenge and responsibility to ensure that all Ambazonian citizens who want Freedom Pin(s) throughout the Ambazonia territory (and elsewhere) get one or more as they may demand. It is necessary as a symbol of defiance against six decades of Cameroon’s tyranny and a constant reminder in the territory that Ambazonia is our homeland!! It is a symbol of solidarity with the oppressed people of the world and the advancement of justice for them.

To acquire the Freedom Pin(s), contact your country coordinator above