Solange M. Ashu
AmbaNews24 – Madrid Spain

After long months of background discussions, the leaderships of the Ambazonian Revolution are now converging through official talks that many are hoping will lead to a turning point, and a historic collaboration to project the ultimate power in the final push in the Ambazonian quest for recognition as an independent country. Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, the revolutionary leader of the Ambazonian fight for Independence, and Sisiku Julius Ayuk Tabe, the jailed leader of his faction of his self-created Interim Government of Ambazonia are closing ranks and strategizing to put together a working relationship that, according to one observer will move Ambazonia towards emergence as  an enterprising, strong,  and aspiring people who are ready to join the international community and work  to bring peace and stability in the Gulf of Guinea as the newest country in the world.

In an inspirational worded message to the Ambazonian people, the leadership of the Ambazonia Governing Council through its President, Dr. Cho Ayaba stated clearly that the quest to achieve independence for Ambazonia is at a critical junction where unity is key. “That is why building a strategic alliance and expanding our traditional alliances to project power and confidence is critical,” the statement says.

Dr. Ayaba further stated that consultations have taken place between Sisiku Ayuk Julius and him and that these consultations have led to a physical meeting between Comrade Yerima Dabney representing Sisisku and himself. According to the statement from Dr. Ayaba, ‘the meeting was very cordial and respectful’.

The current initiative is one is a long series of previous efforts that have been made by the Ambazonia Governing Council to promote collaboration among movements in the bid to facilitate and shorten the war for the survival of the Ambazonian people. These efforts need to be built on good faith, sincerity, and a spirit of selflessness and humility that prioritize the success of the liberation struggle.

Signing of Collaboration Document in Washington DC, August 19, 2018

Already a founding member of the Ambazonia Recognition and  Collaborative Council (ARCC), Dr. Cho  Ayaba has continued to fight for inclusivity to put all stakeholders in the Ambazonian quest for independence working with a common voice to fight La Republique du Cameroun’s illegal occupation of the Ambazonian Territory. It will be one year this August 19th that a historic  signing ceremony took place at the lawns of the White House in Washington DC between all the frontline movements including Samuel Ikome Sako to forge a  common platform, but as it has been revealed recently by activist Eric Tataw, some persons in the Sako group including Chris Anu had vowed that they can never work with some groups.

Senior Statesman, Mola Njoh Litumbe shakes hands with AGovC President Dr. Ayaba Cho Lucas in Washington DC in 2018

Seven years ago, Dr. Cho Ayaba, worked hard to bring the leadership of the SCNC and other leaders including Ambazonian elderly statesman Mola Njoh Litumbe, and Pa Nfor Ngalla Nfor to a retreat in Europe to foster a common path to fight for the liberation of Ambazonia. After President Paul Biya of Cameroon declared war on Ambazonia, Dr. Ayaba championed the creation, recruitment and training of Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) as a counter deterrence to the brutal French Gendarmes and the BIRs of Cameroon military.

Even after suffering setbacks from the confusion created by some Ambazonian armed groups, the leader of the Ambazonian War of Independence has rallied most of the defense groups into what he has termed ‘Contender Forces’. These Contender Forces have rallied to defend the Ambazonian people with professionalism. Their spirited resistance has succeeded to push achieve Ambazonia’s dynamic control of over 80% of the Ambazonian territory. 

Today Cameroun Republique has lost total control over the Ambazonian people. Cameroun’s governors and Divisional Officers are all living in a state of fear. They occasionally appear in heavily guarded military vehicles, wearing bulletproof vests and military gears because they have become the real enemies of the Ambazonian population.

Dr. Ayaba has officially declared that Cameroun has been defeated in the war and that the international community must recognize Ambazonia as the true and legitimate owners of the land. A collaborative leadership is necessary to transition from the ungovernability of Ambazonia by Cameroon to the governability of Ambazonia by the Ambazonian people.