Ambazonia Independence: From Dynamic to Static Control of Ambazonia Territory!!!

Ambazonia Defense Forces Parade on Independence Day Oct 1, 2019

By Paul J. Lysinge
AmbaNews24, Buea

The quest for the complete and unconditional independence of Ambazonia as a sovereign and independent country is unfolding in real time, and as one observer described recently, equating it ‘as a newborn baby that grows, without any one paying attention to the actual daily growth of the baby’. Within the last three years, the observer went on, ‘we have moved from just the desire and the rhetoric to want independence, to the actualization of the process following what he said was a well-oiled roadmap. The senior Ambazonian citizen who opted to be anonymous in this article because he is still a functionary in the Cameroonian civil service stated unequivocally that the Ambazonian people are achieving what he termed ‘an unprecedented and historical milestone’ in their long quest for freedom and emancipation.

These observations are coming at a key juncture in the Ambazonian War of Independence during which period, the leadership of the war effort championed by the AGOVC led by its charismatic leader Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, and other allied groups of the liberation coalition have moved in the last couple of weeks to be exercising effective control on large parts of the Ambazonian territory in a predictable and unfettered manner. These concrete actions have excited the population who have joined the pro-independence Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) to celebrate their Ambazonianess in public manifestations, and in collaborating in arresting of criminals, troublemakers, enablers and agents of the colonial state of French Cameroun République in their communities.

Going down memory lane, our observer recalled the famous cold winter meeting at the United Nations Plaza in New York city in March of 2017 during which meeting the Block by Block mantra was first divulge by Dr. Cho Ayaba as the strategy and roadmap for the liberation of Ambazonia, and went on that everything that was predicted in that speech has come to pass: ‘This was a textbook visionary leadership, that has played out in near detailed fashion just over two years into the war’. ‘The Blocks have risen up in every quarter, villages, towns and cities throughout the Ambazonian territory to build self-defense groups to defend themselves in a historic spat of resistance against the extraordinary brutality of occupational forces of Cameroun’.

In the historic speech, Dr. Ayaba had warned the international community that this was the last time that the Ambazonian people would be begging for the resolution of the Ambazonian crisis, and that the Ambazonian people were ready to take back their country that was mortgaged to French Cameroon. He had warned Ambazonians that the liberation of their country was going to be a hard-fought battle and went on that ‘liberation is not a walk in a park’. He promised the Ambazonian people and the international community that ‘we are ready, to take on the gendarmes and the BIRS Block by Block’ to free the Ambazonia people from the yoke of colonialism. He followed up with another speech in Stockholm, Sweden: where he invited the Ambazonian people to take the battle for their freedom into their hands and promised that Cameroun will be defeated. He said the plan is to undermine the colonial state by making Ambazonia to become ungovernable. Dr. Cho Ayaba promised hell to enablers who facilitate the dirty work of the colonial state and said in a few months’ time, these people will not have a space in Ambazonia because as he puts it crossing the boundary into Ambazonian territory will be a ‘one way ticket to hell.

A couple of months after the New York speech, the Block by Block campaign was put in motion with the official launching of Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF). In a daring move and under tight security, the leader of the AGOVC made an incursion into Ambazonia territory, precisely in Dadi: where a festive population and the entire community of the locality came out to join in the official launching of the military campaign. As expected, the launching took the colonial state by surprise, as Cameroun deplored its brutal forces to the area, killing and destroying property along its path, as Dadi’s residents were chased away into the forest and the military once again illegally occupied the village.

Ambazonia Defense Forces Parade During Oct 1, 2019 Independence Day Celebrations

Yet, the fire of freedom that was put a light on that historic date in Dadi quickly spread through out the territory of Ambazonia with Blocks being created in all the 13 states of the Ambazonian territory. Senior AGOVC policy advisers have touted the strategic importance of the Block by Block as the best tool to prosecute the anticolonial campaign in Ambazonia. Said one official, ‘the strategy is born from the premise that colonial rule is only possible because the colonial state can send its agents to govern the population in a particular territorial space’ one official said. He opined that these colonial officers, including; Governors, Divisional Officers, SubDivisional Officers, Government Delegates, Provincial and Divisional Delegates, Police, Gendarmes and Military chiefs who represent the Cameroun Republique colonial state all work in various blocks to exploit and extort the population from their freedom and their resources. From this premise, the Block by Block mantra was designed after a careful study of the colonial state to enable the population through each block to ‘localized and uproot the elements of colonial agents’ within smaller communities, according to one official. ‘It was very strategic because we didn’t have a conventional army that could go out to face the colonial army that was being sponsored and supported by foreign powers, so we needed to use our knowhow to design an unconventional fighting mechanism, and it has worked very well for the fight of our independence’ the official boosted confidently.

Ungovernability as a product of block by Block

In just one year after the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) was official launched to support the Block by Block, the hope for the independence of Ambazonia grew astronomically, as the concept started producing concrete results. The Ambazonia people saw in real time the emergence of a charismatic and dynamic young ADF soldier called General Ivo Mbah as the face of the resistance of the Ambazonian people against the colonial rule of Cameroun. General Ivo Mbah and his ADF soldiers brought a natural unity in the Ambazonian people as they move from village to village, town to town both in the Northern and Southern Zones of Ambazonia installing blocks of resistance: to fight the occupation. The blocks functioned properly throughout the Ambazonian territory as agents of the colonial state were surrounded in their blocks of operation and chased out in various ways. Some were arrested, others were killed as life became unbearable for these agents of the colonial master. Gendarmes and military post have been attached and destroyed as the population became emboldened as agents of the colonial state were running away from their colonial work post. The success of the Block by Block strategy rattled the colonial state into committing more brutality and killing of mostly civilian population and the burning of towns and villages. It is under these scotch earth policies that Mami Apih, the legendary Gen Ivo Mbah and an estimated over 10.000 mostly civilian Ambazonian population have been killed. These successes also saw a massive increase in the number of volunteers applying to serve in the Ambazonian Defense Forces. Thousands of new recruits of Ambazonians have since been enlisted and enrolled into the forces, who have been in an onward match liberating large swath of Ambazonian territory.

In a history prime time interview on Sky News: Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, the leader of the Ambazonian Governing Council who is the architect of the Block by Block strategy announced officially to the world that, the campaigned had worked, and that the Ambazonia Defense Forces and other defense forces have achieved an 80% dynamic control of the Ambazonian territory. This key information on the success of the Block by Block strategy was recently confirmed during the October 1, 2019 independence day celebrations in Ambazonia when the population came our forcefully in many towns and villages where Ambazonian Defense Forces were in control of territory :

Dynamic to Static Control

All these territorial gains are coming amidst mounting pressure from the population and major stake holders for schools to resume after three years of no effective schools in the Ambazonian territory. Teachers of government owned schools have mostly been boycotting classes, living a vacuum. This dispensation is putting pressure on the need for the Ambazonian liberation forces in freed areas of the Ambazonian territory to state transitioning from the dynamic control of these territories to a more static form of control where basic services such as education, health care, policing the communities can start becoming a reality.

One clear sign that this transition is currently taking place is in the area of policing the peace of the liberated communities. There is no denying that the vacuum created by the successful implementation of the Block by Block strategy has opened space for criminals and other sponsored colonial gangs to jump in to create havoc within these communities. The recent case of the heinous slaughtering of Prison wardress Florence Ayafor by some hoodlums who mutilated her body and took pictures of the crimes and posted on social media was shocking and disgusting to say the least. It was very refreshing and reassuring to the population when it was announced that special forces of the Ambazonian Defense Forces had napped and taken into custody three suspects related to this crime. The population of Pinyin village equally had the opportunity to receive the visit of the Supreme General of the ADF in the aftermath of arrest to reassure the population of the town that the defense forces will do everything in their power to protect communities under their control. General Big Number has paid similar visits recently to Guzang where a rival militia came to the market square threatening the population. His visit to Guzang offered an opportunity for the population that turned out massive to listen from the General whose forces control most of the territory of the state of Momo. In the last couple of months, evidence of the Ambazonian control has happened in the heart of Bamenda city, where Ambazonian fighters under the ADF have taken into custody in broad day light for questioning the leader of Social Democratic Front Ni John Fru Ndi. This case has sent a clear message to the population of Ambazonia about the changing times and power dynamics in the Ambazonian territory.

The most significant area of the gradual emergence of static control in the liberated communities of Ambazonian territory is in the area of education. Community schools have been opened in many states of Ambazonia notably in the great state of Boyo and Ngo-Ketunjia where the forces loyal to General RK, a coalition forces with the Ambazonia Defense Forces have made significant inroads in community schooling. The ADF has also erected community schools in many towns across many states in freed areas of Ambazonia.

BSCRF General RK of Boyo State

These very positive developments in the Ambazonia War of Independence has pushed Dr, Cho L. Ayaba, the mastermind of the Block by Block mantra to be very bullish about the eventual defeat of Cameroun colonial forces in Ambazonia. He posted today 10/20/2019 on his timeline that ‘We have achieved ungovernability, increased the cost of occupation, achieved dynamic control and international contender hood. In short, Cameroun has been defeated and humiliated. It is time for a takeover…