By Wilibroad Buma
AmbaNews24, Bamenda

The Ambazonia Defense Forces have taken partial or complete control of several localities in Ambazonia, especially in towns and villages where Cameroun soldiers have been pushed out. In April 2019, journalist Elie Smith reported that pro-independence fighters control over 80% of the Ambazonia territory. The Cameroun army has been confined to urban centers such as Limbe, while it finds itself battling in other cities such as Bamenda.

One of several units of the Ambazonia Defense Forces

Heavily armed and dressed in official, professional military outfits, the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) is proving to be a national liberation army defending the territorial integrity of Ambazonia.

For many months, the Ambazonian people had become accustomed to seeing pro-independence fighters killed with Dane guns in their hands. The ADF, however, seems to had taken a tactical withdrawal to re-arm itself and has now emerged as a contender force for the final liberation of Ambazonia from oppressive rule by Cameroun. This emergence further defies claims by the Cameroun government that Ambazonian pro-independence fighters have laid down their arms and surrendered to the Yaoundé regime.

Armed with Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPG), AK47s, M-16s and other sophisticated war weapons, the ADF and its ally forces has now made it certain that the Ambazonia independence revolution has entered an era of no-return.

The armed state of the liberation army has brought joy to Ambazonians across the national territory and in the diaspora. For long they have seen more than 10,000 of their houses razed down and over 4,000 civilians killed by the Cameroun military in the prosecution of a war that the President of Cameroun, Paul Biya, declared on Ambazonia on November 30, 2017.