By Bernard Ngalim
AmbaNews24 – USA

Ambazonia Prisoners of War (PoW) in Cameroun’s detention camp assert Ambazonia’s sovereignty, defy Cameroun’s authority and sing Ambazonian national anthem and freedom songs against outright discrimination.

Ambazonian POWs Felix Ngalim (Left) and Mancho Bibixy (Right)

On the night of July 17, 2019, Ambazonians PoW detained in one of Cameroun’s notorious detention camps – Kondengui Prison – chanted the Ambazonian National anthem and other freedom songs.

It should be recalled that hundreds if not thousands of Ambazonians abducted by Cameroun from Ambazonia are detained in Kondengui. Credible personalities and organizations have said Cameroun holds Ambazonia PoW under situations only comparable to Nazi concentration camps.

Penn Terence Khan, Ambazonian activities jailed in Kondengui Maximum Security Prison

The story goes that in addition to the concentration camp-like detention conditions, Cameroun’s prison administration confined an Ambazonian PoW to solitary confinement as a sanction for fighting with a Camerounian inmate. Ambazonian PoW read this discrimination as continuous discrimination, subjugation, and gross human rights abuse of Ambazonians by Cameroun authorities. Infuriated by the blatant discrimination, all Ambazonian PoW rose in defiance and ordered prison authorities to release their compatriot. Ambazonian PoW manifested by singing songs, beating buckets and plates. In addition to these, they sang the Ambazonian national anthem “hail, this land of glory, we the Ambazonians pledge our loyalty ….” In a show of patriotism despite the severe living conditions in Kondengui prison, the PoW manifested their hope in Ambazonia’s future by singing “Ambazonia is rising to fall no more…”