Ambazonian Activist, Mark Bareta Questions The Restoration Council


In a recent write-up by Ambazonian activist Mark Bareta, he questions the Interim Government’s Restoration Council and describe in as a CPDM styled house. Read Mr. Bareta’s write up below

I have openly questioned the Restoration Council and I maintained that it is a CPDM styled house. There is absolutely nothing you IG hand-clappers can do. This is not the first time I have raised this issue. I have said so months before the internal crisis started because no one knows those who made up that house. All of a sudden because Mark Bareta has spoken, people are barking left and right.

Some of you claimed the RC is legislating yet the members of the current house is not known. How feasible is that? Has the RC become a Kometa one man show? This morning I have asked five pertinent questions in regards to the Restoration Council, you want to challenge me, do so intellectually by answering those questions I posed. That is the right thing to do not bringing on innuendos which holds no grounds.

Cameroun, a common thief can make public its list of Parliamentarians , yet people who say they want to get freedom cannot even make public a house they claimed its the highest authority. Why is it that the members of the RC is not known so that we understand the geopolitical composition of the house? Who sits there? Make the members public and stop quoting me laws and legality when the house itself is full of unknown representatives.

I have raised pertinent questions yet individuals who have carried the IG on their heads or think that they love the IG more than others instead to answer the questions I raised are asking me about Sunday Offerings because I raised the issue of MTTB. Yannick Sicot since you have decided to reduce your so much loving IG into another group by comparing the actions of citizens to that of your government, let me remind your brain.

  1. Sunday offerings were collected twice and in all occasions what came in were made public in this same Facebook. Then it was all hail hail, now it is an issue. Go and ask your godfathers in IG to publish MTTB as it came in ok. It was some of you people who went behind and sabotaged the efforts with other activists because ADF were receiving as well and Sunday offerings stopped.
  2. The four defense groups (SOCADEF , ADF, Tigers, ARA) at that time who received, sent out letters of acknowledgement on two different occasions and it was published on this Facebook. The records are there to show. The leaders of these group are still there, one of them John Egwayan who is a current defence intelligence chief in Sako led IG, at the time, he was Tigers Bishop, go ask them for records. When you are done, go ask MTTB scammers to show us 1AK bought or ask Ground zero fighters to make a move and tell us 1 AK bought with MTTB. Look at people who have destroyed a God ordained revolution with cabinet positions fighting left and right.

It has now become a norm that when someone question government actions, surrogates like yourself start asking useless questions. Assumed that I even mismanaged Sunday offerings, is that grounds to cover MTTB and not even asked for it? How dare you even insinuate I played with Sunday offerings?

Listen, I am a very strongly opinionated individual and no one, I mean no one will dictate to me what I think or say. It will never happen.

If you are very angry that in the days ahead I shall make my own position clear in line with the two IGs now facing us, then start preparing to call 911 for emergency heart attack or sign me off. None of you will bully me to say what I feel to say.

Remember, it is one man, one opinion. You can go ahead now and have fun with your reactions

Mark Bareta