Ambazonian Prisoners of War in Kondengui defy Captors & Stage Massive Protest


By The ANA-lyst

Ambazonian prisoners of war in Cameroun’s Kondengui Maximum Security Prison have once again openly protested and sang the Ambazonian Anthem in defiance of their captors.

Video footages circulation on social media and an almost one hour facebook live video today show Ambazonian Prisoners of War singing the Ambazonian National Anthem and chanting “We must go” in reference to the total separation of Ambazonian from La Republic Du Cameroun.

A Facebook live video, taken by one of the Ambazonian prisoners at about 15:00 pm local time show, a large protest by Ambazonians protesting in the prison courtyard supported by supporters of Cameroun’s opposition party, MRC supporters. An individual introduced as the Vice President of MRC also in detention addressed the crowd and extended his support for the Ambazonian prisoners of war while MRC supporters chant “Paul Biya doit partir” (Paul Biya must go) and “Kamto, president” referring to the jailed leader of MRC who is believed to have won the 2018 presidential election in Cameroun.

In the Facebook live video, an unidentified young Ambazonian prisoner of war clarifies that the loud chant by the MRC supported in support of Kamto calling for Biya to leave is separate from the Ambazonian protest. He notes that Ambazonian Prisoners of War began protesting earlier on and the Kamto supporters took advantage of their bravery to begin their own protest. He goes on to say, that although Ambazonian Prisoners of War acknowledge the plight of the Cameroun political prisoners, the Ambazonian protest has nothing to do with the internal political problems in La Republic Du Cameroun.

The young Ambazonian Prisoner of War then goes on to introduce a few Ambazonian POWs who have undergone very inhumane torture from their captors. A young POW in his 20s is presented with extensive burn scars all over his back and arms. The young presented then explains that the scars are burn marks inflicted with clothes ironing machine by Cameroun authorities. Two elderly unidentified Ambazonian POWs are also presented. The first with over 9 bullets in his body. The young POW again explains that the elderly man was brought into and abandoned prison in critical conditions and several requestions by The Ayah Foundation to provide medical assistance were rejected by the Cameroun authorities. The second elder man has an extensive scar on the head from torture by the Cameroun military.

Several Ambazonian POWs also appear in the video, reiterating their commitment to the total independence of Ambazonia. Some called on the international community to intervene to stop the genocide in Ambazonia and secure their immediate release. The protest it should be noted is a message to Camerounian authorities and the international community that despite that fact that the Ambazonian POWs are undergoing some of the worse inhumane treatments in Cameroun’s dungeons and Ambazonians are facing genocide by Cameroun, the people’s quest for self-determination and right to live as humans are non-negotiable.

The protest is also a strong message to Ambazonian “politicians” especially in the diaspora who have recently engaged in what could be termed”cut and run policies”. The chant of “We must go” is a message to everyone that, though in the dreaded dungeons, they will not accept any negotiations that do not lead to the total independence of Ambazonia

The protest by Ambazonian POWs in Cameroun’s Kondengui Maximum security prison is ongoing. The POWs have stated that their only destination now is Buea, the capital of Ambazonia. They have vowed to continue the protest until they are released and returned to Ambazonian, their homeland.

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Ambazonian POWs in Cameroun’s Kondengui Maximum Security Prison sing the Ambazonian National Anthem
Ambazonian POWs chant “We must go” meaning Ambazonian must separate from Cameroun
Ambazonian POWs in Cameroun’s Kondengui Maximum Security Prison stage massive protest