Ambazonian Shutdown Shows Major Signs of Cameroun Defeat


By Ashu Stanislaus  
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – Yaoundé, Cameroun

The leadership of the Ambazonian Revolution has heralded and is taking what can be described as a victory lap over the occupational forces of French Cameroun République following a very successful lockdown campaign that completely brought to a standstill over 90% of the territory space of Ambazonia for five days in the week of the scheduled opening of the 2019-2020 academic year. The massive adherence by the Ambazonian people to the call for a lockdown by the pro-independence movements led by the Ambazonia Governing Council of Dr. Cho L. Ayaba, working with thousands of fighters across the board in the territory has been seen by political pundits as a complete rebuke, and an unequivocal rejection of the colonial system of education that has been imposed by the Francophone led regime in Yaoundé for over 5 decades. The Cameroon government is hanging on this system today with the sole mission of fostering ita colonial agenda of forcing Ambazonian children to abandon the Anglo-Saxon cultural tradition to gradually be assimilated into the Jacobin French colonial heritage.

The leadership of the Ambazonia Governing Council has described the lockdown as “unprecedented,” and “a collective victory of the Ambazonian people that has frustrated colonial SDOs such as the one in Kumba who must now know Cameroon no longer controls Ambazonia.”  This is a strong message that the Ambazonian people have sent to the international community too – a message that rang deep in the ears of America’s Under Secretary for African Affairs, Toby Nagy, causing him to tweet that it is time for Cameroon to enter into negotiations with Ambazonian “separatists” without preconditions.

Reacting to the lockdown, Dr. Cho L. Ayaba in an audio message to the Ambazonia people said, “I am very proud of what we have accomplished with this shutdown. It shows that colonialism has been defeated in our country, and the regime in Cameroun will have to surrender sooner than later.” Dr. Ayaba called on the international community to immediately recognize the independence of Ambazonia, and assist with putting in place a transitional authority that will stabilize the country, and enable Ambazonian kids to come out of the bushes to go back to school under a new Ambazonian school curriculum.

Other Ambazonian liberation struggle activists including those in the jails of Kondengui have equally praised the success of the campaign and thanked the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF), and its partner forces for enforcing the lockdown. The leader of the ADF, Benedict Kuah had described the lockdown when it was called as “a civil repudiation of illegal occupation and illegal courts,” claiming jurisdiction over the Ambazonian people. Philip Ndobegang, an Ambazonian Governing Council diplomat also remarked that “the colonial mayors have become frustrated and are going around targeting and sealing already closed businesses for voluntarily honoring the call for a lockdown.”

As a direct consequence of the successful lockdown, 87-year-old sit-tight dictator Paul Biya of French Cameroun is said to be preparing a speech to the Camerounian people, to deliver what one source in Yaoundé described as “an important speech about negotiations with the Ambazoinan people.” AmbaNews24 has not independently confirmed this.

Paul Biya who is one of the main architects fostering the colonization agenda against the Ambazonian people, it should be noted, openly declared the current war on the Ambazonian people. He has refused to enter into peaceful negotiations, and he believes that the Cameroon military shall be invincible in this war despite the over one thousand Cameroon soldiers who have lost their lives.  The complete unexpected humiliation of the Cameroun military by the spirited and courageous forces defending the Ambazonian people and the territorial integrity of Ambazonia has successfully pushed out illegal Cameroun colonial institutions in many villages and some towns in Ambazonia.

The Ambazonian Revolution with its ongoing War of Independence has virtually brought French Cameroun down to economic ruin. Two months ago, GICAM which is the main private-sector employer grouping in the country announced that the country is completely dry of cash to pay for supplies and had invited the corrupt Paul Biya regime to start prioritizing importation of very critical emergency supplies.

This week, the BBC has reported that the United Nations AIDS FUND has announced that it will stop the supply of HIV/AIDS medications to Cameroon by the end of this year because the bankrupt regime of Paul Biya cannot afford to pay its 20% cost for the supplies that have accumulated to US $49 million. Last year, the country suffered a big humiliation when the African Football Confederation withdrew the hosting rights of the continental African Nations Cup competition after Cameroon wasted huge sums of money to ill prepare for the tournament. The economic woes of the country were further compounded when the lone oil refinery located in Ambazonian territory was consumed by a large fire, completely shutting down one of the cash cows of the regime.

The gradual and complete control of the territorial space of Ambazonia by the Defense Forces of Ambazonia is becoming a reality that the world must accept and take decisions to grant sovereignty to Ambazonia. UNESCO and other international organizations must now realize that the power dynamics in the territory has changed. French Cameroun no longer guarantees access and security to international personnel to provide humanitarian services to the population of Ambazonia because they have lost control over the governing of the country. They must now work with the Ambazonian leadership in the delivery of these services.

The USA and other European states that have been advocating for dialogue have to recognize that Cameroun has been defeated in the battlefield. The intransigence of Paul Biya remains an obstruction to peace.