By Bernard Ngalim
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – USA

Colonel Anaba Lazare of Cameroun’s operation Alpha fighting Ambazonian forces signed a communique July 4, 2019 announcing huge casualties on the Cameroun army. According to the colonel, Ambazonian fighters blew off Cameroun’s flying military boat between Agborkem German and Ekpambiri in Ambazonia’s Manyu state.

Amongst other details, the communique details the attack affected 13 Cameroun soldiers; all thirteen disappeared and only two have been found. Following the attack, the colonel immediately dispatched a search and rescue team who are seriously searching for the remaining 11 soldiers. 

This attack comes a few days after Dion Ngute, Cameroun’s Prime Minister received an American Black Caucus Congressional team led by Congresswoman Karen Bass. Prior to the visit, Karen bass testified she had received complains that Cameroun is orchestrating an ongoing genocide against Ambazonians. During the fact finding mission, Cameroun’s government minister of Defense, Beti Asomo testified Ambazonians have killed 300 Camerounain soldiers in under three years. As in most cases where governments do not want to appear humiliated by opponent forces, the 300 number is certainly an understatement.

Reports from Yaoundé, Cameroun’s capital indicate the government prevented the Congressional team from visiting Ambazonia to speak to victims of the atrocities and collect firsthand information. Cameroun has repeatedly rejected access to independent and impartial investigations. Zeid Al Hussein, former UN Human Rights Chief, regretted Cameroun twice rejected his request to investigate crimes in Ambazonia. Michelle Bachelet, his successor was invited to Yaoundé but prevented from visiting the conflict zone in Ambazonia. Similarly, Cameroun restricted European Union Parliamentarians’ visit to Yaoundé. Cameroun also recently returned Ilaria Allegrozzi, a Human Rights Watch researcher from the airport.

At the start of their visit, the Congressional Delegation advised Cameroun to seek a way out of the military impasse through dialogue without preconditions with Ambazonian separatist. The situation in Ambazonia remains precarious. Today’s attack follows a previous attack where Ambazonian soldiers used detonated improvised emergency device killing four Cameroun’s soldiers and wounding two others in Eyumojock, Manyu.