Cities, towns and villages in the former British Southern Cameroons remain shut down as Cameroun government struggles to impose twin elections on the population that has been waging a war to free itself from the colonial bondage of French Cameroun.

The people of Ambazonia have remained loyal to the calls by pro-independence leaders to distance themselves from the twin elections organized by the annexationist French Camerounian regime of strongman Paul Biya despite the over 3-year armed conflict in the region. Reports and images from the war-torn Ambazonia reveal ghosted streets today, the day the elections were scheduled to take place. Residents of some parts of main cities of Bamenda, Belo, Muyuka, Kumba woke up to the deafening sounds of gunshots between separatist fighters and forces loyal to the colonial regime of Paul Biya. Multiple sources monitoring the elections have confirmed that the shutdown that took effect a couple of days before election day has been the most effective shutdown ever since the over three years armed conflict that has claimed an estimated 8000 lives, and have seen over 300 towns and villages burnt and destroyed by the colonial army of French Cameroun.

The lockdown and boycott of the elections are coming as a result of increasing and effective sensitisation campaign by the pro-independence movements of Ambazonia in a bid to educate the over 8 million people of the former UN Trust territory of the British Southen Cameroons of the legitimacy and legality of their right to self-determination. The pro-independence movements led by The Ambazonian Governing Council and its charismatic and firebrand leader Dr Cho Lucas Ayaba decided to pick up arms to faceoff a very brutal expansionist agenda by the dictatorial regime in Yaounde that has lasted for over 50 years and was designed to deny the people of Ambazonia the right to live a peaceful life and manage their affairs. This occupational agenda has worked perfectly as Ambazonians have been transformed into slaves and third-class citizens in their country.

The regime in Yaounde has succeeded in claiming for themselves the 47000km sq land of the territory and has since been exploiting its natural resources to develop its country at the chargrin of the Ambazonian people. The pushback from the Pro-independence movement has caused what has become known to the Ambazonian people as ‘War of Independence’ to free themselves from the injustice and marginalization of the Ambazonian people. The call for a boycott of the elections according to sources within the ranks of pro-independence movement is to delegitimize French Cameroun’s colonial governance of the territory.

The separatist movements and activists have been using social media platforms to reach the local communities, educating them on the need to distance themselves from these elections. The call for a boycott has also helped to further expose the anti-people actions of the Cameroon government forces who are increasingly using brutal force and killings to intimidate the population of Ambazonia. This tactics by the Cameroun regime has antagonised the Ambazonian people and rally them to align with the pro-independence manifesto.

In a desperate move to skew the outcome of failed elections campaign, government officials have been ferrying truckloads of French Cameroun citizens and Paul Biya loyalists into Ambazonian territory to stuff the boycotted ballot boxes. who w came These electoral mercenaries from Yaounde have been most often been accompanied by heavily armed soldiers to polling stations. With such a huge boycott, the outcome of such an election can not be acceptable to the people who have passed a resounding message that those who shall be voted to office shall never be accepted as their representatives.