Ambazonia’s Firebrand, Raymond Akoson Appointed Spokesperson of Ambazonia Governing Council


Joseph A. Buma AmbaNews24, Texas USA

The Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC) on Tuesday, June 9 appointed Mr. Raymond Akoson as Spokesperson of the Ambazonia freedom movement around the world and its Governing Council.

In Press Release No. AGovC/COMDEP/0609A/2020/PR on the appointment signed by Victory Khan, Deputy Secretary of Communication and Information Technology of the Ambazonia Governing Council, Khan said the appointment of Raymond “will bring energy, strength, commitment, and improvement to the overall communication strategies and mechanisms within AGovC and the public sphere.”

AmbaNews24 has learned from the Chairman of the National Council, Mr. Frank Ngoh that the Secretary of Communication first submitted the nomination of Raymond to the National Council on May 15, 2020. The National Council vetted the nominee for three weeks before finally passing Resolution 306-2020 confirming him by unanimous vote on June 6, 2020.  

This confirmation paved the way for the appointment of Mr. Raymond Akoson on June 9.

Raymond assumes his spokesperson duties immediately, replacing Ms. Cecilia Amabo who shall henceforth focus on other responsibilities as Secretary for Human Rights and Humanitarian Services in the Ambazonia Governing Council.

Among other duties, Raymond shall be the official day-to-day voice of the liberation movement and its Ambazonia Governing Council and shall work with the local and international press, providing appropriate information to the public, and responding to issues as they may arise.  Administratively, he shall head the Division of Communication in the Department of Communication and Information Technology.

Raymond is an avowed advocate of the independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia. Six years ago, before the lawyers and teachers ever took to the streets, for example, he self-launched an online petition/referendum on the independence of Ambazonia in which he wrote, “This referendum is to cause the UN & US to facilitate the independence of the Southern Cameroons.”

In December 2016, Raymond told the public in a TV Pan African debate on “What is the Anglophone Problem” that the “Anglophone Problem” as the media called it is not about underdevelopment and lack of political appointments; it is about the annexation and colonization of the Southern Cameroons, now Ambazonia, by the Republic of Cameroun. 

Text Box: Akoson Raymond (left) defends Ambazonia sovereignty at Pan African Debate
Akoson Raymond (left) defends Ambazonia sovereignty at Pan African Debate

His activism and ability to articulate the Ambazonia history and independence case scared the Cameroun government so much that the Yaoundé regime declared him wanted in 2017.

Following the arrest of Agboh Balla and Fontem Neba by the Biya dictatorship, Wilfred Tassang, Hon. Wirba Joseph, Bobga Harmony, Esq, Akoson Raymon, and others went underground to Nigeria, only to emerge more dangerous to the Yaoundé kakistocracy.

From Nigeria, the USA government, recognizing the justness of the cause for which Raymond stands permitted him to travel to the United States of America. In the USA, he has remained a staunched advocate of the right of the people of Ambazonia to total freedom, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

Raymond is intelligent, smart, resolute, authentically authentic, bold, excellent at message packaging, genuine, articulate, reliable, charismatic, and relatable. He comes to the spokesperson podium with a wealth of knowledge on the under-workings and political schemes of the Cameroun government, media writings, and public speaking.

As one-time Secretary-General of the Popular Action Party (PAP) of Justice Ayah Paul Abine up to 2016, Raymond developed a rare close-up understanding of the political machinations of the Yaoundé dictatorial regime. This understanding will certainly come handy in the discharge of his duties as spokesperson of the Ambazonia Governing Council. No one can effectively fight an enemy he does not clearly know! Raymond knows the Cameroun government clearly.

For the past three years, he has insisted to diplomats and the public at large that the Ambazonia-Cameroun conflict can never be resolved through “decentralization” orchestrated by the Cameroun government; at a minimum, talks under the auspices of the United Nations or one of its subsidiary organs are a sine qua non for resolving the conflict, else Cameroun will eventually collapse under Ambazonians.

In the Resolution confirming the appointment of Raymond, the National Council of Representatives exhorted the people of Ambazonia to give him the support he needs to fulfil faithfully his duties. AmbaNews24 heeds this call and calls upon all Ambazonians to do same for the common purpose of our freedom from tyranny, annexation and colonization by Cameroun.