The Ambazonian people must reject all forms of Human Rights Abuses


By Amba News 24

One of the strongest reasons advanced by the first Prime Minister of Southern Cameroons/ Ambazonia, Dr. Emmanuel Moka Lifaka Endeley on why we as a people shouldn’t have joined French Cameroun Republique, was hinged on the barbaric human rights situation that was happening in that country.

Faced with the two dead end choices of gaining independence by joining Nigeria or La Republique du Cameroun, Dr. Endeley warned that joining La Republique will cause irreparable harm on the human rights of Southern Cameroonian citizens. His campaign against joining LRC was based on the violence that was ongoing in LRC, as the war against the nationalist UPC was ravaging the French territory and sending citizens fleeing to seek refuge in Southern Cameroons territory. ‘If you vote for union with Cameroun Republique’, Dr. Endeley warned, ‘You will invite a new system under which everyone lives in fear of the police and the army, you will not be free to move about; you cannot lecture freely or discuss your political lives in public; you must carry your tax tickets on your necks like a dog; and you can even be arrested and flogged by the police and even imprisoned without a fair trial’ PM Endeley had cautioned Southern Cameroonians in February of 1961. 58 years later, these prophetic words of our first Prime minister must remain a moral compass to the Ambazonian people as we fight to free ourselves from the shackles of the beast, he warned us against.

Unfortunately, Ambazonians have picked up some of the worst human rights violations and corrupt practices from the French Cameroun Republique that Dr. Endeley warned against. For one thing, the Southern Cameroonian nation that our forebears were building was a true beacon of hope and peace. It was a democratic laboratory where a robust parliamentary debate, political tolerance, a free press and the rule of law was the order of the day.

Now, how do we as a people use the words of Dr. Endeley to guide us against using the same tactics that we are running away from La Republique? What will Dr. Endeley say if he were to come back today and see his children and grandchildren ordering; the chopping off of the fingers and other body parts of fellow Southern Cameroonians, the kidnapping of Southern Cameroonian school children, the kidnapping of Southern Cameroonian Priest for ransom or the killing of our own citizens as retribution or payback for political grandstanding.

The story of these abuses have gone to another level, with open corruption by Southern Cameroonians who collect money from our impoverished population supposedly to fight the occupier but use it to buy expensive wardrobes and squander the rest on first class travels, pay rents for their boyfriends and girlfriends, buy expensive cigars and  wines. These are not Southern Cameroonian values; these are the dirty habits that our people have picked up from this illegal romance from our colonizers and are using it to victimize our people with. Ambazonians must surrender all these acts of human rights violations as they cross the rivers Mungo and Matazim as we pave the way into a new home land. This is the only honor we as a people can give to the warning cries of Dr. EML Endeley who lay guard under the 4030 m Chariots of the Gods. A word to the wise Ambaladers………