Another Ambazonian Journalist Tortured and left to die in Cameroun’s Notorious Prison.


Martin Ebunta Bechem AmbaNews24, Buea

A popular Ambazonian journalist name Kingsley Njoka who was abducted by Cameroun’s plain cloth security officials three weeks ago and held incommunicado has been located inside the notorious Gendarmerie Headquarters SED in the capital Yaounde in terrible and near-death shape. Mr. Njoka went missing when elements of Cameroon’s security forces picked him up, ramshackle, and looted his home and office where they allegedly looted his private laptops, smartphones, and cash amounting to about 50000 francs CFA. No information has been provided by the authorities of the French Cameroun dictatorial regime about the reason for this recent abduction, and no charges have been labeled against the Ambazonian journalist.

The discovery of the whereabouts of Kingsley Njoka is coming on the hills of an international outcry and condemnation following the revelation by the press last week that another Ambazonian journalist Samuel Wazizi arrested by the same Camerounian authorities under similar circumstances had died from injuries sustained from over 300 days of torture.

This pattern of muzzling of Ambazonian journalists has raised concerns within the Ambazonian community that it is part of the strategic plan of the French Cameroun occupational regime to further clammed down on the Ambazonian people as part of its campaign to quash the freedom and independence aspiration of the Ambazonian people.

According to a family source who finally saw the journalist, but could not talk to him because the prison guards refused, he opined that Kingsley Njoka appears very weak and pale consistent with starvation, a tactic that the evil regime in Yaounde has used often to shake down its opponents. He has equally not had access to a lawyer, and colleagues and family members have mostly been refused to pay a visit.

In reacting to the frequent arrest and jailing of Ambazonian journalists under very cruel circumstances, the leadership of the Ambazonian Governing Council (AGovC) has condemned these abductions within the general context of the Ambazonian war of independence highlighting the fact that thousands of innocent Ambazonian citizens have been abducted and killed by the Biya government for the simple reason that they are Ambazonians, who are clamoring to free themselves from the colonial regime of French Cameroun. Their fate and story remain untold because unlike journalists, these people were common peasants living in the most remote and underdeveloped corners of the world. The leadership of the AGovC says they are bent on fighting to defend the armless and forgotten victims of the Biya government and to make sure that the Cameroon government is held to account for the least of their victims.

French Cameroun republic has used some of the worst war tactics to kill over 10000 Ambazonians in the last three years since the current conflict between the two former UN Trust territories erupted. French Cameroun has equally burnt and destroyed over 400 towns, villages, hospitals and churches in what has been a ruthless expedition to force the 8 million Ambazonian people to surrender their aspirations to return to their independence which was voted overwhelmingly by UN General assembly in April of 1961.