By Amba News 24 Correspondent

In a strongly worded statement this week, Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba, Leader of the Governing Council of Ambazonia (AGovC) asked that the United Nations Security Council clarify the current border limits of French Cameroun Republique which many have said is at the center of the root cause of the current bloody war between the dictatorship of French Cameroun, and the peoples of the former British Southern Cameroons.

In the statement, Dr. Ayaba who is a lawyer by training made the case for why the UNO  Security Council needs to clarify the border dispute; said the statement, ‘The principle of intangibility of frontiers is an international law principle that accords pre-eminence to legal title over effective possession as the basis for sovereignty’. The statement went on that, ‘This is the basis for respect of territorial integrity acquired at independence’ the leader of the Ambazonian liberation movement stated. His call for clarification of the borders between the two countries is coming ahead of the UN Security Council meeting, convened at the behest of the US government to discuss the worsening conflict.

Dr. Ayaba’s call is coming following a similar call by the leader a couple of weeks ago for the US Under Secretary for African Affairs to clarify a statement recognizing Cameroon as one country. The statement by Under Secretary Tibor Nagy in a conference in Texas had stated that The USA current policy recognizes ‘Cameroun as it is now’.

The statement created an outcry amongst Ambazonian lawyers who have studied the conflict and determined the  fact that French Cameroun gained its independence on January 1, 1960 without the territory of the former British Southern Cameroons, and that there has never been any treaty or legal instrument altering the borders of French Cameroun since it gained independence.

Using strong legal jargon, Dr. Ayaba was emphatic to debunk the One Cameroun narrative by Tibor Nagy, even as the US diplomat had mitigated his utterances that this current policy might change. Said Dr. Ayaba ‘the principle of Uti possidetis juris’ -once possessed, cannot be dispossessed’ ensures that nations are protected through border demarcations’

Under Secretary Tibor P. Nagy who knows the root cause of this conflict very well, haven spent three years in the country in the early 90’s as deputy chief of missions, has always called for the resolution of the root cause of the problem as a means of seeking a lasting solution. To this end, the US diplomat has been very opened in asking President Paul Biya of French Cameroun Republique to hold unconditional dialogue with all the warring factions to discuss the problem.

During a recent visit to Yaounde, Tibor Nagy warned the French Cameroun dictator that Cameroun cannot win a guerilla warfare with Ambazonia because as he put it, ‘even mighty America could not win a guerilla war in Vietnam’