George Nyenti
AmbaNews24 – Washington DC, USA

The Ambazonia Recognition Collaborative Council known by its acronym ARCC has adopted a firm position against any attempt by the government of Cameroun to manipulate public opinion and the Ambazonian people into any negotiations that will not address the root cause of the ongoing Ambazonia War of Independence. The ARCC resolution adopted on June 24, 2019 and signed by its Chairlady, Catherine Nformangum warned that any attempt by Cameroun to perpetuate fraud by holding clandestine meetings with cozy single handedly appointed friends as a mediator will not be tolerated.

The ARCC resolution is coming on the hills of a very charged and intense week that has been rocked by talks and counter claims that leaders of some Ambazonian movements have been engaged in clandestine negotiations with Cameroon on behalf of millions of Ambazonian citizens. The speculations surrounding such talks, including questions on the impartiality of the Switzerland government that is alleged to have been appointed by Cameroon to act on its behalf to draw Ambazonian leaders to the negotiation table have prompted multiple reactions from across the Ambazonia liberation spectrum. However, the Ambazonia Recognition Collaborative Council (ARCC) is not engaged in such talks.

ARCC is a collaborative platform of six Ambazonia liberation movements, which include the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC), Ambazonia Mobilization Initiative, China (AMIC), the Ambazonia People Restoration Movements (APERM), the Movement for the Restoration of the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC), the Republic of Ambazonia Nation (RoAN), and the Southern Cameroons Women Movement (SCWM). The mission of ARCC is to promote collaboration among Ambazonian liberation movements and to achieve the international recognition of Ambazonia as an independent and sovereign country. The adoption of the resolution on facilitated negotiations between the Ambazonian people and the Republic of Cameroon follows a capacity building session by members ARCC that held in Belgium from May 27 to 28, 2019.

Ms. Catherine Nformangum
Chairlady of ARCC

In the Resolution, ARCC members recall Cameroun’s history of manipulating the Ambazonian people to ensure its continuous occupation of Ambazonia. ARCC further emphasizes the necessity to secure a guarantor of negotiation agreements and adopt a negotiation framework before engaging in any talks with Cameroun, and expresses its commitment to continuous capacity building in view of potential negotiations between the people of Ambazonia and the Republic of Cameroon. Speaking with one voice, ARCC members declare their willingness to seek a political solution to the Ambazonian conflict.

Congresswoman Karen Bass of the US House of Representatives on June 26, 2019 said in a statement advocating for the adoption of US House of Representatives Resolution 358 that Ambazonian separatists are unwilling to enter into dialogue with Cameroon. The declaration by members of ARCC of their willingness to seek political solutions to the ongoing Ambazonia Conflict is a befitting response to such claim.

A full text of the ARCC Resolution adopted on June 24 reads as follows:

The ARCC Leadership and representatives of all Ambazonian liberation movements acknowledging the imminent need to prepare themselves towards any future negotiations with the Republic of Cameroun met in Europe from May 27 to May 28, 2019 for a two-day workshop under the theme “Capacity Building toward a Negotiated Settlement”.

Committing to building and strengthening cohesion among Ambazonian nationalist movements,

Agreeing that future negotiated settlement with the Republic of Cameroun need to be rooted in collegial and collaborative actions that put the interest of the Ambazonian people and their legitimate right to external self-determination first,

Acknowledging the significant need to speedily build the capacities of Ambazonian leadership particularly in multi stakeholder political negotiations before engaging in any negotiations with the Republic of Cameroun,

Reiterating the calls for an immediate end to the genocidal violence perpetrated by the government of Cameroun in Ambazonia,

Renewing our commitment to prioritize lasting solutions to the Cameroun-Ambazonia war that are consistent with the existence of an independent and sovereign Ambazonia in accordance with international law and principles, including the Charter and Resolutions of the United Nations, the Charter of the African Union and Constitutive Act, and the constitutionality of the Ambazonian self-determination cause,

Commending the resolute commitment and determination of the People of Ambazonia to resist all forms of colonial domination and oppression by the Republic of Cameroun, and to live in peace and prosperity in a sovereign and independent Ambazonia,

Mindful of the fact that the current public campaign for talks by the Republic of Cameroun is part of its strategy of fraud and manipulations aimed at deceiving the international community that it is open to negotiations that respect the will and quest of the Ambazonian people for life, liberty and happiness, while continuously murdering thousands of Ambazonians including babies, setting ablaze their towns and villages, raping Ambazonian women,  detaining thousands in captivity under torture, and burning schools and medical facilities in Ambazonia,

Recalling the historical manipulations of Cameroun to ensure it annexes and maintains its illegal occupation of the Republic of Ambazonia, including the manipulations of the Republic of Cameroun at the Fumban Conference of 16 to 21 July 1961, the dissolution of the Southern Cameroons institutions of governance such as the office of the Prime Minister and the House of Assembly with military force and political dictatorship, the unilateral adoption of a 1961 Federal Constitution in the National Assembly in Yaoundé and enforcement on the Ambazonian people without adoption and ratification by the Southern Cameroons House of Assembly in Buea, and the political treacheries of the 1972 referendum by which the Cameroun government instrumentalized its majority population to ensure it thwarted and dominated the will of the sovereign people of Ambazonia to cement its annexation of Ambazonia,

Insisting on the necessity for the Ambazonian people to secure a guarantor that shall ensure the implementation of any agreements reached between the Ambazonian people and the Republic of Cameroun, and

Conscious of the mission of ARCC to promote collaboration among its constituent nationalist members and to achieve the international recognition of Ambazonia as a sovereign country,

Now, therefore, we the undersigned on behalf of the sovereign people of the republic of Ambazonia, hereby:

  • distant ourselves from any form of talks and negations that directly or indirectly seek to maintain The Republic of Ambazonia as an occupied territory of Cameroun, neither seek to address the root causes of the current conflict nor attempt to seek the permanent solutions in accordance with international law and principles, our constitutionality, including the right of the Sovereign people of Ambazonian to external self-determination by which they freely determine their political, social, economic, legal, educational and cultural systems;
  • denounce any attempt by the Republic of Cameroun to choose, appoint and impose a mediator or facilitator on the Ambazonian people at the negotiation table, whether such be any government or non-governmental organization;
  • express our commitment to continuously build the capacity of the Ambazonian leadership to ensure that the interest of the Ambazonian people to achieve independence and sovereignty is prioritized and protected;
  • emphasize the necessity to secure a guarantor of negotiation agreements, and to adopt a framework of negotiations that address, at a minimum, issues related to humanitarian assistance, ceasefire, land boundaries, maritime borders, citizenship, currency, transitional governance, prisoners of war, sovereign assets and sovereign liabilities before engaging in negotiations with Cameroon; and
  • declare our willingness to seek a political solution to the ongoing conflict, respecting human rights, and promoting peace and stability in the Gulf of Guinea


  • Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba
  • President, Ambazonia Governing Council
  • Mr. Primus Nkafu Forifok
  • President, Ambazonia Mobilization Initiative (AMIC)
  • Mr. Edwin Ngang
  • Representative, Ambazonia People’s Liberation Movement
  • Ms. Vyvian Mbanwei
  • Chair, Southern Cameroons Women’s Movement
  • Ntumfoyn Boh Herbet
  • Spokesperson, Movement for the Independence of Southern Cameroons (MoRISC)
  • Mr. Marc Chebs, Esq
  • Representative, Republic of Ambazonia Nationalists (RoAN)
  • Ms. Catherine Nformangum Chair, ARCC