Battle for Alabukam: ADF Compels Cameroun to Withdraw


James N. Buma AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Bamenda, Ambazonia

Speaking on condition of anonymity for security reasons, a reliable source within the Cameroun government has told AmbaNews24 that the Cameroun military aborted its battle for Alabukam because of an “unexpected encirclement by those ADF fighters that killed two police officers.”

On Tuesday, May 12, 2020, over one hundred heavily armed Cameroun soldiers began a frontal assault with armored cars, etc against Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) bases and controlled territory. The mission was to decimate the ADF units in Mezam, especially Alabukam. The battle that began at about 3:00am while it was still dark went on till about 8:30am.

After firing for over two hours without a single counter-shot from the ADF fortresses, the Cameroun military was taken aback when one of its armored cars suffered three grenade explosions.

It appeared that the ADF soldiers had quietly moved out of their locations through unknown routes and positioned themselves tactically behind the Cameroun military lines. They then waited in silence till the Cameroun elite BIR soldiers had used up most of their ammunition. That was when the ADF stroke from five different positions simultaneously, including a police station in which two colonial officers were immediately killed and their pistols taken away by the ADF fighters.

An ADF Campaign Flyer Courtesy

Disorientated by the five different war fronts that the ADF had suddenly created, Cameroun ordered reinforcement from Mbengwi. However, the ADF had anticipated this, and one of its units ambushed the Cameroun soldiers on their way to Alabukam. That delayed the much-needed reinforcement.

Confused and fearing complete encirclement as the ADF had stroke surprisingly with deadly force from behind Cameroun’s lines, the Cameroun military aborted the mission and withdrew.

No ADF soldier was lost or wounded, and Alabukam remains Ambazonian – like many other Ambazonian dynamically controlled areas in over 80% of the territory.

In the early hours of the next day, the famous sounds of “Wata na wata- where them deh” filled the air. The Ambazonia war music below composed four years ago by “Colonel Fiango” in the ADF camp in Dadi also graced the streets as the local population was relieved of attacks on their community by colonial and foreign Cameroun soldiers:

When Amba is leading the way (x4)

Oh Amba

Satan, Satan will run away

When Amba is leading the way!

Indeed, Satan (the Republic of Cameroun) had ran away when Amba led the way in this urban guerilla warfare strategic counter assault.

This is coming less than two weeks after the Cameroun military decimated Bafut, killing “Gen. Alhadji” of the 7Kata local force and his men. The Yaoundé regime had hope to replicate Bafut in Alabukam, but faced a more armed and tactically intelligent ADF that probably knew it may be the next target after Bafut, and so devised a counter assault plan before the May 12 attack on their bases.

Asked why Cameroun is intensifying these large scale military operations, the reliable source within the Cameroun government further told AmbaNews24 that the Cameroun military believes Ambazonian forces lack ammunition at this time because their movements to purchase and restock have been curtailed by the national and international restrictions on travel due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Cameroun government has seen the advent of the pandemic as a rear opportunity to wipe out soldiers fighting in this Ambazonia War of Independence,” the source said. “That is why despite calls for a ceasefire by the UN Secretary General and the Pope, Cameroun will rather intensify fire in many places! ‘Amba’ just needs to know when to fight, when to ‘go underground’ and conserve their ammunition or restock, and they will defeat Cameroun,” he added.

Commenting on this intelligence and the battle for Alabukam, Benedict Kuah, Chairman of the Ambazonia National Defense Council said, “We anticipated limitations on movements once countries in the west followed the Amba-way and began their own lockdowns. So, we took measures immediately to keep the liberation war going. You know – I cannot go into details. War is about morale, ammunition, soldiers and strategy (MASS). That is what the ADF focuses on day and night.”