By Ashu Stanislaus
AmbaNews24 Correspondent – Yaoundé,

A new and dangerous front has opened in the multi-dimensional conflict that is currently threatening to finally dislodge the dictatorial regime of Cameroun’s strongman Paul Biya, who has been in power for 37 years. This new front, observers are blowing the alarm bells, could degenerate into a free for all intertribal war pitting angry tribes from the rest of the country against the Betis/Bulus considered to be the protected tribe from where President Biya hails. Representatives from the President’s tribe are beginning to feel the pressure as Biya who has showered them favors throughout his long reign is now very old.

Biya’s regime seems to be surviving its last days as the Ambazonian War of Independence is inspiring Cameroonians to rise and challenge the Biya regime, pushing Cameroon to the edge of intertribal conflicts and total chaos.

Members of the Cameroon National Assembly who hail from the President’s South Region – constituting the Beti/Bulu tribe have issued a stern declaration against the “Brigard Anti Sardinards” (BAS) that is composed mainly of the Bamileke tribe in the West Region of the Country. The anger of the Betis/Bulus against the BAS in the declaration issued on July 4, 2019 is palpable, and observers are warning that this situation is setting the stage for an intertribal bloodbath. The parliamentarians who signed the declaration include: Mvondo Assam Bonaventure, Zam Jean Jacques Noel, Ndoumou Pauline, Mbiam Emmanuel, Mendoua Céline, Mbe Assae Mendomo Theodore, Nlang Martine, Essame Marie Thérèse, Biloa Tsilla Zitha and Monessel Prosper.

The ‘Brigard Anti Sardinards’ or BAS as it is widely known is made up of supporters of jailed Presidential candidate Prof. Maurice Kamto, leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (MRC) political party. The BAS considers the ruling Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM) of Biya as a political party, which members’ affiliation and allegiance are bought by the consumption of bread and sardine offered to them by the CPDM hierarchy at rallies and other political events. The BAS, therefore, considers itself a movement against the sardine consuming political dim wits. The BAS favors the leadership of Maurice Kamto who hails from the Bamileke tribe. He challenged the results of the 2018 Presidential elections in Cameroon and declared himself winner.  On 26 January 2019, Kamto and over 200 of his supporters were arrested and locked up in Kondengui maximum security prison in Yaoundé, Cameroon, where there are still being held.

Inspired by the courage and tenacity of the Ambazonian people to face the Cameroon government in the battles for the liberation of Ambazonia, the BAS were at the forefront of the recent June 29th protest demonstrations in Geneva, Switzerland against the presence of Paul Biya and his entourage. The event led to the arrest of six bodyguards of Biya for brutalizing a Swiss TV journalist, and eventually forced Biya to cut short his stay in Switzerland and return to Yaoundé.

This political contest between Biya and Kamto is at the root of the declaration of the members of the Cameroon National Assembly, Representatives and Indigenes from the Biya’s Beti/Bulu South Region against the BAS in particular and the Bamileke tribe in general. The Beti/Bulu signatories to the declaration are deeply vexed by what they describe as “barbaric and obsolete behavior,” “open threats, invective and insults” towards Paul Biya, his wife and family; attacks by “the diaspora” on Cameroon embassies in France, the USA and Germany that have tarnished Cameroon’s international image in the name of a “pseudo stolen election”; and the recent June 29th protest mounted by the BAS against the presence of Paul Biya at Hotel Continental in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the classic use of inciteful words and phrases that are common in genocide and war crimes, the Beti/Bulu representatives and indigenes describe the BAS and their Bamileke tribal base as a “conglomerate of idlers and thugs” who act like wild animals in an “agitated restless zoo”. The declaration accused the BAS of engaging in “a tribal project of power seizure” from the Beti/Bulu tribe. They further term the MRC an “irresponsible and unworthy political party.”

Intimating their willingness and readiness to face their opponents head on, the angry Southern Region politicians in the parliament tell the BAS and their lineage unequivocally “that no one has the monopoly of violence both in the international place nor within our national territory [Cameroon].”

Cameroon is a clientele state where Biya exploits tribal lineages to divide and rule the masses and consolidate his power at the helm of the autocratic republic that is ever ready to unleash a barbaric military junta on civilians to quell any opposition to his ruling class. The ruthless ongoing killing of the Ambazonian people in genocidal style by the Cameroon government and the ensuing burning of hundreds of towns and villages in Ambazonia are the product of such a prebendal state that has degenerated over the years into a kakistocracy where parliamentarians foment genocidal inter-tribal wars by their writings to score points of political favor with Paul Biya.

Below is a full text of the Declaration made by the Beti clan members of the Yaoundé parliament. AmbaNews24 has made this English translation from the original French text.

Declaration of Members of the National Assembly,

Representatives/Indigenes from the South Region

For some time now, Cameroun, our country has been faced with incredible activism and excitement fueled by barbaric and obsolete behavior, made of open threats, invective and insults towards the President of the Republic, his worthy wife and their family. These medieval actions are the result of groups scattered across certain countries claiming to be the diaspora. We still recall a memorable night during which our embassies and therefore our country, under the principle of extraterritoriality, were attacked, looted and burned in France, the United States and Germany in particular, exposing to the whole world a hideous face of our dear and beautiful country, all this in the name of a “pseudo stolen election ” and an alternation of which only they hold and know the outlines and successors.

The groups mentioned above have just pushed presumptuousness on June 29th by putting into execution a design whose contours have been drawn and revealed in social networks, their platform par excellence, finding themselves in Geneva to supposedly dislodge and capture the Head of State who is staying there recently. The BAS “Brigard Anti Sardinards”, an abbreviation for the hawkish evocation that is in fact a conglomerate of idlers and thugs on the payroll of an irresponsible and unworthy political party as openly claimed by its leader, displayed itself shamelessly in show on the Geneva square arousing the reaction of another group called patriots, dedicated to defending the national institutions and came to derail their project, all with the assistance of the Swiss law enforcement authorities skilled at handling repression.

The result is that known and expected: unnecessary energy wasted, but especially unveiling of a tribal project of power seizure by undemocratic methods and a demonstration in the eyes of the world of behavior worthy of an agitated/restless zoo etc.

Faced with these repeated and repulsive drifts, we, Deputies of the National Assembly from of the South Region:

– Considering that Cameroon is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural country where cohabitation has been achieved so far in peace and harmony on the area of building a national identity;

– Considering the fame enjoyed by H.E Paul BIYA, learned and respected leader around the world;

– Considering the respect due to its institutions more by the nationals of a given country;

– Considering that the results of the last presidential election were proclaimed by the Constitutional Council, the only institution entitled to do so on October 22, 2018;

– Considering the elegance and impartiality with which HE Paul BIYA President who was re-elected with 71,28% of votes manages the human resources which aligns with the work of development of our country and whose choice is done in a diversified and balanced manner across Cameroon;

– Considering the great work of national construction on the path of the emergence and development of our country engaged by the Head of State throughout his tenure;

– Considering that democracy is a dynamic reality and is well-rooted in Cameroon:

– Condemn firmly the abuses noted above that do not honour Cameroon nor the groups involved in these operations;

 – We say that no one has the monopoly of violence both in the international place nor within our national territory;

– Exhort the nationals of the regions where the main agitators claim to come from, to dissociate themselves more from them as they have begun to do so that hatred is not spread throughout the country and that could lead to a gangrene;

– Congratulate the President of the Republic for the serenity he maintains in managing these jolts showing that he is and remains the father of the entire nation

– Convey him our admiration, our unwavering and granitic support, our resolute and firm commitment to follow him in the way he marshals with tact and brilliance for the emergence of our country;

– Call on the candidates for the next presidential elections scheduled to be held in 2025 to prepare for it calmly to avoid eventually finding a bloody country, plagued by quarrels maintained by groups and irresponsible leaders driven by tribal, selfish interests, and where no one controls the outcome. / –

Done in Yaoundé, 04/07/2019


Hon. – MVONDO ASSAM BonaventureZAM Jean Jacques Noël

  • NDOUMOU Pauline
  • MBIAM Emmanuel
  • MENDOUA Céline
  • NLANG Martine
  • ESSAME Marie Thérèse
  • MONESSEL Prosper