California Bar Association Uncovers Fraud Scheme By Nsahlai Emmanuel


Sylvanus Enongene Los Angeles, California

The California Bar Association has uncovered a forged document by a Cameroun-trained lawyer in the USA, Emmanuel Kongnyuy Nsahlai, in which he illegally represents what he describes as “Cameroon Association of Victims of Ambazonia Terrorism (CAVAT).”

According to a judicial notice sent to the California Federal Courts, the CAVAT was created on January 29, 2020, by Nsahlai Emmanuel and veiled as a political tool to hunt Ambazonia leaders who oppose Paul Biya, 89, Africa’s longest-serving tyrant.

“It is only a quack lawyer who would fake an organization to represent non-existent clients in USA courts while standing as Plaintiffs’ attorney. This is gross malpractice,” citing a statement from a California bar member. “We have seen cases of malpractices within the bar association, but this is gross, especially as it pertains to alleged terrorism charges.”

The bar association found that CAVAT was registered as a charity NGO with the legal address being 9801 Balboa Blvd., Suite 506 in Los Angeles. This address rather has a Mexican and two Arabs running a dentistry practice. “It is fake. Emmnanuel Nsahlai is a disgrace to our practice,” an attorney says on grounds of anonymity.

CAVAT article of incorporation in the state of California

Nsahlai uses a two-month-old association to scam for damages caused more than four years back by the Cameroun government against its citizens and those of neighboring Ambazonia. In May 13, 2020, a Federal Judge, Percy Anderson, ruled against a lawsuit filed by Nsahlai Emmanuel. Judge Anderson dismissed the suit for the “lack of persecution,” adding that it was frivolous even before it could be served to defendants.

Anderson has also taken up another case against Emmanuel Nsahlai by referring him to the California bar for secretly sending Subpoenas against defendants without ever notifying defendants’ attorney. He had sent out at least seven Subpoenas to Square Inc., PayPal, Banks, FBI, etc., without the knowledge of parties represented in cases against them. “It is a criminal offense and warrants that he be disbarred immediately,” says Mike Nancy, a Law Professor resident in the USA.