Cameron Military on a bloody rampage in Mautu village, leaving 9 Ambazonians Killed.


Melissa Mukete, AmbaNews24, Buea

At least 9 civilian villagers made up of women and children have been killed by the French Cameroun military in a small Ambazonia village of Mautu following a bloody rampage in the afternoon of Sunday, January 10, 2021. The shooting spree according to eyewitness accounts also left 5 people seriously injured with gunshot wounds, raising the prospects that the death toll from the attack by the occupational army of French Cameroun may increase.

French Cameroun killing machine soldiers on the streets of Ambazonia

This tragic attack on civilian targets raises the level of insecurity to a dangerous high level as French Cameroun is expected to host the Confederation of African Football (CAF) tournament beginning this January and the Fako State in which Mautu village is located is scheduled to host some of the games of the tournament.

AmbaNews24 has succeeded in obtaining a complete list of those killed by this vicious attack on this farming village. Tambe Anna 50, is the oldest of the victims, and Reisa Shey 6 years old is the youngest of the victims. Amongst those killed include Tembe Daniel 32, Ebenegwa David 30, Bruno Takang 22, Takang Rogers 20, Ngoto Valentine 32, Ndakam Pascal 22, and Egoshi Lucas 25.

Video footage has flooded the internet showing the bodies of the deceased littered with bullets, and one such footage showed the decapitated body of the six-year-old child covered in her blood with body parts scattered in pieces.  AmbaNews24 is still in the quest to get the names of those who sustained injuries from the attack. Click the link to watch, viewer discretion is advised

A young wounded and female victim shot in the arms, and back

The killings are coming at the backdrop of a spate of violent raids by Ambazonian independence freedom fighters who have carried targeted attacks against French Cameroun occupational military positions stationed on Ambazonian territory in the past week leading to scores of deaths within the ranks of the colonial army of French Cameroun. One such attacked with an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) along the Njikwa-Andeck road in the MOMO state of Ambazonia left four occupational forces of French Cameroun, and a civilian administration authority dead when their military truck was hit by the device planted by Ambazonia freedom fighters. This attack also left 4 additional colonial soldiers missing and are now feared dead also. Two days after the attack on the military, Ambazonian Independence fighters targeted a border post between French Cameroun and Ambazonia at Matazem, leaving three French Gendarmes of the occupational regime from Yaounde dead. This attack was claimed by the leading independence fighting armed movement the Ambazonian Defence Forces (ADF), which is currently controlling over 60% of the territorial space in Ambazonia A.K.A the former UNO Trust territory of the British Southern Cameroons.

As in previous occasions when French Cameroun have refused the responsibility of their soldiers before finally accepting when confronted with hard evidence, the dictatorship in French Cameroun has refused to acknowledge that their soldiers carried out this brutal attack on innocent Ambazonian citizens despite multiple concurrent witnesses attesting to seeing the military descending into the village and carrying out the violent attacks. As in previous occasions, the government of French Cameroun has claimed that it will organize an investigation into the killings. Observers in Ambazonia have laughed at such a suggestion which many see as a way of burying the killings. In a press release published by the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGOVC), which is the political wing of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF), the main movement fighting for the complete and total independence of the territory of Ambazonia, the movement regretted once more about the need for the international community to hold the government of French Cameroun to be accountable for these endless massacres being perpetrated on the peace-loving people of Ambazonia. In a separate letter addressed to Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General, the AGOVC, under the leadership of Dr. Cho Lucas Ayaba called on the world body to ‘act while there is time to do so’. The letter, titled ‘Call on the United Nations to invoke the responsibility to protect the Ambazonian People’, the Ambazonia Governing Council while asserting the rights of the Ambazonian people to external self-determination, frowned at the fact that the occupational regime of Cameroun Republique has been committing these atrocities without being held accountable. 

A grandmother and her grandson lie wounded and incapacitated

It should be recalled here that in furtherance of its policy of occupation and colonization of Ambazonia, the French La Republique du Cameroun has used assassinations and massacres as its preferred strategy. On the night of February 14th last year, the regime of terror deployed its forces and a private Mbororo militia into a small farming village of Ngahbur, in the Dunga-Mantung State in the Savanna region of Ambazonia. Mayhem was unleashed in that community as houses were set on fire and dozens of families made up mostly of women and young children were mercilessly slaughtered. In total 22 souls perished. In the aftermath of the massacre, the colonial government in Yaounde refused its involvement and accused Ambazonian freedom fighters. It took the forensic examination and eyewitness testimony for Cameroun Republique to acknowledge its culpability in the crime. 

French Cameroun, a former category B UN Trust territory under the tutelage of France its colonial master gained independence on January 1, 1960, with its tangible borders registered with the United Nations in New York City. The British Southern Cameroons A.K.A Ambazonia was a category B UN Trust territory under the administration of Great Britain its colonial master. After going through self-rule and government for over 40 years and instituting one of the first democratic governments on the African continent with multi-party elections and changes in government through the ballot box. In April of 1961, the United Nations general assembly voted overwhelmingly to grant independence to the people of the British Southern Cameroons. At midnight of September 30th that same year, the British colonial master lowered its flag, the ‘Union Jack’, and abandoned the territory of Ambazonia to itself. Independent French Cameroun, under the instrumentalization of France immediately moved over its French Gendarmes and seized the 43000SqKm and its 6 million inhabitants as its colonial possessions. Since that fateful day, the Ambazonian people have been slaves in their own country, and they have known no peace. The current war of independence and freedom for the Ambazonian people is now entering its 5th year.-_