Cameroon Military Deploys Heavy Artillery in The Streets of Ambazonia, as fight for Independence enters Critical Phase.


Samson Ashu AmbaNews24, Berlin, Germany

Despite the pretentious call for a global ceasefire in arm conflicts by the UN scribe Antonio Gutierrez during the period of the COVID19 emergency, the occupational regime of French Cameroun Republique led by 87 years old dictator Paul Biya, has defied such a call by ramping up its deployment of heavy artillery and has intensified its massive invasion tactics in towns and villages in Ambazonia killing scores of civilians, and causing more havoc in their various communities. AmbaNews24 has learnt from concurring sources in Bamenda and other towns that heavy motorized artillery vehicles have been spotted in Bamenda, Bafut and neighboring Alabukam combing the streets and targeting and destroying local buildings with artillery gunshots in the name of creating fear and terror in these communities.

This cavalier and predictable attitude of the Yaoundé regime is the main reason why, the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) which is leading the freedom and independence quest from the colonial chokehold of La Republique du Cameroun had warned, and rejected the idea of a unilateral ceasefire against a French Cameroun regime that it has repeatedly described as ‘morally bankrupt’. The forces of the ADF, under the leadership of Dr. Cho Ayaba, has thus continue to ramp up attacks against the positions of the Cameroun military, attacks that have led to the killing of half a dozen Cameroun military personnel just in the last two days

Ambazonia Defense Forces Leading the Freedom and Independence Quest for Ambazonia

Earlier this month, over a hundred Cameroun BIR personnel using these heavy artillery vehicles invaded the historic town of Bafut where a UNESCO heritage site is located and caused havoc. Within a period of 24 hours, the entire city was encircled and the raids that followed led to the death of scores of mostly civilians. Sources within Cameroun’s military had informed AmbaNews24 that the invasion of Bafut was mostly geared towards sending a message to Fon Abumbi 11, the paramount King of Bafut who has supported the actions of his population to stand up against the colonial occupation of their land by the Cameroun regime. UNESCO has earmarked the Bafut Fon’s Palace as a heritage site.

Last week, Alabukam a small village about 15km from the city of Bamenda received the dreaded forces of Cameroun. The village is a strong hold of the ADF, and they marched into the town with an air of vengeance. ADF sources who had anticipated this invasion, made a tactical withdrawal of its troops, and were able to launch a counterattack behind the retreating Cameroun forces that led to the death of two of their soldiers. In their usual manner, the Cameroun soldiers during the Alabukam invasion destroyed multiple homes with the heavy weaponry.

Meanwhile, the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) went out in full force to confront Cameroun military positions in the city of Bamenda on May 20th. Sources in Bamenda have confirmed to AmbaNews24 that there were at least 7 street battles just in the city alone. At least 4 Cameroun military personnel were confirmed dead from these attacks from the ADF fighters. The ADF leadership had vowed that the usual May 20th Cameroun National day was not going to be honored on Ambazonian territory. Ambazonians currently consider May 20th as the day their enslavement was officially completed. On May 20th, 1972, Cameroun Republique held an illegal referendum that officially terminated the federation between the then Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) and the French Cameroun Republique. Ambazonian Critics have since described this as equals to ‘celebration their enslavement’.

In a Facebook reaction to the heavy artillery deployment, Dr. Cho Ayaba, the leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGOVC), which is the political wing of the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) said that Cameroun will be defeated and humiliated in Ambazonia. He called on the Ambazonian people not to relent their efforts to obtain a free country because according to him ‘no military can defeat a determined people fighting for the freedom and the right to their existence’.

Elsewhere, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs for the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGOVC) Dr. Larry Ayamba has in a very stern missive to James Duddridge, the British Minister for Africa objecting to the recent position insinuated by the Minister to the effect that ‘the UK recognizes the territorial integrity of Cameroun as manifested by the outcome of the 1961 plebiscite in the territory of the Southern Cameroons (now Ambazonia). Foreign Secretary Larry Ayamba frowned at Minister James Duddridge by insisting that ‘It is also imperative that I correct the dangerous oversight which insinuates that the outcome of the 1961 plebiscite in the territory of the Southern Cameroons under United Kingdom Administration established an immutable fate of the people of Ambazonia’. Ambazonians across the board have taken aim at the current position of the UK minister, and the general attitude of the UK government who have been accused of being the main cause of the current conflict for being the colonial master of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) under UN Mandate, and who failed woefully to help work out an acceptable federation agreement between the two neighboring Countries. One Ambazonian political scientist in the USA called on the British Minister to shut up on this issue ‘if the UK, could pull out of Brexit for convenience sake, why must Ambazonia be forced to stay in a relationship that threatens the extermination of its people under a barbaric Cameroun state’ he concluded.