Cameroon Military to Recruit underaged Boys into ‘BIR’ Forces Following Massive Troop Deaths, Abandonment in its disastrous colonial expedition in Ambazonia


Martin Enow, AmbaNews24, Buea

The government of La Republique du Cameroun in Yaounde has announced the recruitment of an additional 2200 boys to be enrolled into the dreaded BIR forces, a force that in the last four years has earned the tragic reputation of leading the brutal and senseless colonization campaign in the territory of Ambazonia. The recruitment of these additional forces is coming about four months when similar recruitment of over 2000 young men was added within the ranks of a French Cameroun force that has lost an estimated 1500 hundred men in the last 12 months in the bloody war, and another 1000 desertion from within its ranks according to sources within the top brass of the Cameroun military who spoke to AmbaNews24 on condition of anonymity because of humiliating consequences that such a piece of information could cause to the French Cameroun government, and to the morale of the other soldiers.

An Ambazonian military captain serving in the colonial army of Cameroun told AmbaNews24 that in a planning meeting for this recruitment exercise, it was equally privately agreed by the top military brass that ‘physically tall and strong 15 years old boys should be assisted to doctor their ages and be recruited in the current campaign’. The source hinted that this discussion came about because of the seeming difficulties being encountered by military recruiters in Yaounde and elsewhere to find candidates willing to be recruited and deployed to Ambazonia, where the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) has become more lethal and more powerful in fighting Cameroun’s colonization agenda. French Cameroun government has a reputation for using child soldiers, and private militias in its war campaign in Ambazonia.

Graduating recruits march pass in front of Cameroun defense minister and family members

Another military source in Yaounde, the capital city of French Cameroun where all the war and occupational campaign against Ambazonia is being designed, plotted, and executed painted a very dire situation within the Cameroun political and military class on the very high toll in deaths on the side of the colonial army of Cameroun. Protest marches and denunciations have been held recently in several towns and localities by young widows and parents of young men who have been killed in what many have described as an unwinnable war particularly within the Beti-Bulu tribe from where longtime dictator President Paul Biya hails from. In one such protest in the town of Akonolinga in the Center Region, a family group of over 25 persons, join three young widows whose husbands were killed in separate incidents in Ambazonia to mourn and sing chants of ‘Paul Biya, stop sending our children far away to die in Ambazonia for nothing – end this madness immediately’. One of the 23-year-old widows was seven months pregnant, while another was the mother of a six-month-old set of twins.

Cameroun Defense Minister Beti Asomo Decorating one of the military officials, Col. Bamkoui

In addition to the extremely high casualty in deaths being suffered by the French Cameroun occupational forces sent to Ambazonia, high numbers of troops abandonment have been announced by the Cameroun military. Two weeks ago, the authorities in Yaounde sent out a press release in which they called on all military personnel to show up at their post of assignment. The release further threatened the forces that failure to report on duty will lead to the suspension of their salaries. The release also intimated that desertion within the military ranks is a crime against the state. This release was published at the same time when the Ambazonia Defense Forces (ADF) recently announced an unprecedented increase in the demand by thousands of volunteers to enroll in its forces. The ADF which is the military wing of the Ambazonia Governing Council (AGOVC) under the charismatic and visionary leadership of Dr. Cho L. Ayaba announced that many of these new volunteers have been identified as Ambazonian soldiers from the army of French Cameroun who are tired of being sent to their home towns in Ambazonia to go and kill their own people because of their cry to be free from the colonial chokehold of French Cameroun Republique. In a reactionary development to the current recruitment drive, the leadership of the AGOVC has sent a stern warning to the Ambazonian people to stay clear of the gimmicks being staged by French Cameroun which is all aimed at maintaining their colonial grip on the Ambazonian people. The AGOVC warns that any Ambazonian child who will go and enroll in the colonial army in Yaounde will be treated as an enemy combatant with the consequences of facing death,

An army Caporal that deserted the Rapid Intervention Battalion (BIR) in 2017

The current dynamics in the war by Cameroun Republique to keep Ambazonia as a colonial possession is proving to be one of the defining episodes in the annals of colonialism as an international instrument of oppression and grave human rights abuses. A war that Cameroun Republique, launched and boosted to the world media that it was ‘going to crush 8 million Ambazonians in two weeks’, as Paul Biya the dictator and octogenarian head of the colonial government in Yaounde described it four years ago, is now turning to be the place where the waterloo of the occupational regime in Yaounde has been met.

Southern Cameroons Independence Day 1st October 1961

French Cameroun that gained independence on January 1, 1960, with its tangible boundaries violated international law when at midnight of September 30th, 1961 it deployed its forces to match into Ambazonia territory known then as United Nations Trust Territory of British Southern Cameroons and annexed it. It has since then used the 43000sq Km and its 8 million inhabitants as a colonial plantation.