Cameroon Police suffer casualties From ADF Separatist Fighters in Ambazonia


By Stanislus Wanda

French Cameroun Police killed in Ambazonia by the Ambazonia Defense Forces

French Cameroon police have suffered casualties, including the death of at least one police officer during an ambush yesterday October 29th, 2019 from the hands of Ambazonian Defense Forces(ADF) separatist fighters who have been battling to oust French Cameroon military from the territory since 2017 to establish a new country called The Federal Republic of Ambazonia. The attack took place in the city of Mankon, in an area called Nacho quarters, which is largely controlled by the activities of the separatist fighters. The ADF, through a senior source in Bamenda has claimed full responsibilities for the attack, warning that ‘French Cameroun forces still parading the streets of Ambazonia are going to continuously pay a very high price for their criminal activities on Ambazonian territory’. Cameroun military forces and police officers have been on a brutal campaign against the citizens of Ambazonia that has led to wide spread killings of thousands of civilians, the destruction of properties and the burning down of hundreds of towns and villages. This ambush was a preemptive strike against a notorious French Cameroon patrol team in that part of the city. The said patrol team is known for its routine control, harassment and extortion of civilians. In one of such illegal controls yesterday the ADF fighters lunched an attack that left at least one police officer dead, and many others seriously wounded, some with life threatening injuries.

Remains of CPP Seukep Denis Killed in Ambazonia

Ever since the failed dialogue organized by Caneroun”s dictator President Paul Biya to discuss the question of the occupation and annexation of the territory of the former British Southern Cameroons aka Ambazonia, the fighting in the conflict region has escalated with separatist fighters putting on a more strategic and organized offensive and the Cameroon military suffering more and more devastating attacks. The separatist fighters have moved from using rudimentary guns, to more sophisticated ones, notably in northern zone of the territory where the Ambazonia Defence Force has been upping the ante. The conflict is in a phase of a sophisticated guerrilla urban warfare and international diplomats have warned French Cameroun that it can never win a guerrilla warfare in Ambazonia. One senior US diplomats told Cameroun’s president that ‘if the USA with its heavy military, could not defeat Vietnam in a guerrilla war, Cameroun will not win in Ambazonia’. US under Secretary for African Affairs Tibor Nagy warned Camerounian authorities while calling for unconditional dialogue to resolve the root causes of the current crises that has led to crimes of genocide and the death of over 5000 people on both sides of the conflict.