By Paul J. Lysinge 
AmbaNews24, Buea

The Cameroon military in the night of June 22, 2019 broke into the Mbingo Baptist Hospital in Mutengene, removed a patient and killed him at Likumba. The patient had been brought in by Doctors Without Borders.

AmbaNews24 has been informed that when the soldiers arrived the hospital, staff stopped them from proceeding to remove the patient from the facility. They insisted the patient was involved in the Ambazonia War of Independence, and ordered the staff at gun point to take them to the sick. The staff succumbed out of fear after it became evident their own lives may not be spared by the brutal Cameroon soldiers. The incident took place from about 1am to 2:30am.

The body of the killed victim still dressed in hospital gown is lying in Likumba unidentified.

AmbaNews is following up this breaking story. The current incidence is one in a long list of Cameroon’s violations of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 on the Law of War, which forbids soldiers or combatants from invading and attacking medical facilities. Cameroon soldiers had broken into the hospital in Kumba in the past, kidnapped and killed four patients. Last month they invaded medical facilities in Kumbo, spraying bullets around the health center and destroying health care equipment.