By Jonathan Njikang
AmbaNews24 Correspondent
Kumbo, Ambazonia

Women and children fleeing as Cameroun Military attacks Esu

The Cameroon military has besieged the Village of Esu in Fungom, Menchum, killing nine persons and burning down houses and shops. One of those killed was a mentally disabled Ambazonian by name Kenah Francis.

The military invaded the locality on May 23rd, 2019, shooting recklessly at any one they saw and razing buildings to the ground. The Cameroon soldiers fired bullets into the Esu Health Centre, destroying medical equipment as patients and healthcare staff fled for their lives. The security officer at the Health Center was killed.

Esu Health Centre littered with bullets following Cameroun Military attack

This event adds to the list of war crimes committed by Cameroon in its prosecution of war against the independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia. Military attacks on medical facilities violate international conventions on warfare. This is coming at a time when on May 13, 2019, the UN Security Council held an arria-formula meeting in which it condemned the violation of human rights, the destruction of schools and medical facilities, and called for accountability for these actions