By Jonathan Njikang
AmbaNews24 Correspondent
Kumbo, Ambazonia

Lifeless bodies of Ambazonians assassinated by the Cameroun Military in Babanki

The Cameroon military wreaked havoc in a farming community in Babanki, Ambazonia, killing nine armless civilians. Two other civilians were wounded in the violent attacks, while two others narrowly escaped death, fleeing for their lives. The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday, June 14, 2019, but because of the remoteness of the area, details of the massacre are still filtering in.

Information reaching AmbaNews24 newsroom suggests that some of the victims died with gunshot wounds to the heart, abdomen, to the head and neck. The lifeless bodies of four of the deceased at the time of publication of this article are still lying in the bush in the scene of the killings.

These civilians were brutally murdered while working in their farms in a small village called Abongfen in the town of Babangki.

AmbaNews24 has gathered reliable information from locals that a group of informants planted by the Cameroun military in the area called on the Cameroun soldiers to come against the young victims who were cultivating their farms.

The Cameroun military has yet to make any comments about these killings of civilians, which have skyrocketed in the last couple of months as the government of Cameroun Republique continues to wage a widely condemned and winless war against the freedom-seeking aspirations of 8 million strong Ambazonian people.

Tension remains high in the attacked community as suspicion reigns on who precisely are the agents working with the Cameroun soldiers, and causing the death of innocent victims.

This incidence adds to the over three thousand armless citizens of Ambazonia who have been killed on their streets, in their  farms, markets, houses, hospitals, schools, etc in the last three years as the people of Ambazonia continue to advance their legitimate right to self-determination  against Cameroon’s annexation and illegal occupation of their territory in the last six decades.

Cameroon’s tactic in this Ambazonian liberation quest has been to unleash its well-armed military to invade neighborhoods, kill civilians and burn down homes in the hope that the Ambazonian people will eventually abandon their aspirations for independence and democratic self-rule.