“Cameroun Does not Have the Political, Economic, Financial, Diplomatic and Strategic means to Keep Ambazonia as a Colony.” says French Camerounian Writer Prof. Dieudonné Essomba



Professor Dieudonne Essomba, a prominent Francophone Cameroun academic has come out again to warn the Camerounian regime of President Paul Biya that the current brutal military campaign being waged against pro-independence groups in the English Language speaking regions of the Southern Cameroons will never succeed to hold the region as part of its territory. Professor Essomba who has been highly critical of the Cameroun military killings of civilians and the massive destruction of property has written a pointed warning following the killing of the Mayor of the city of Mamfe early this week by pro-independence forces as a defiance to the governance of the territory by what is generally considered as a Francophone colonial regime.
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Mayor of Mamfe, Ashu Prisley Ojong, killed in Oshobi by Ambazonia Defense Forces

I don’t like to comment on NOSO (North West & South West Regions in French) events anymore, but you have to come back from time to time, unfortunately.

From the start, I warned the Government, that the state of Cameroun did not have the political, economic, financial, diplomatic and strategic means to militarily reduce the English-speaking Secession.

There is no simulation leading to any possibility of maintaining a unitary state in Cameroun with the English speakers.

Any !

The only thing to do was to return to a Federation which had been renovated and extended throughout the territory.

Period !

Unfortunately, people have opposed their magic-religious vision of the State to me, which they assimilate to an omnipotent deity capable of doing everything! Theories relating to the Westphalian state or the cold monster state have even been propose to the rescue!

We forgot that a state is only a human institution, capable of collapsing! How else can we explain the evolution of the world? If the State were this cold and invincible monster that never gives up, how then can we explain the revolutions, the creation of new States, the disappearance of other States?

A State is only an institutional instrument that a Community gives itself to assume its collective needs. It is not a magic reality, located outside of society and imposing its rules on it!

As a result, a state can only do what is possible, and in the present case, no public authority can keep English speakers in the unitary state.

It’s impossible

When I see how those who pushed the government to repression are scandalized by the bloodshed, I am very surprised. And I’m even more surprised that the case is only in its infancy! The English Secession is a 40-year affair, the renewal time of two generations!

And during this time, blood will flow!And those who imagine for a moment that the Amba Boys are going to lay down their weapons have illusions! They are convinced that they will wage a bloody liberation war, they have internalized it and as we know since the Maccabees of the Bible, people convinced to liberate their country from colonization never give up.

This is a war that will be extremely hard, very bloody, and very deadly especially for all Anglophones who have a proximity to the Government, because quickly assimilated to traitors and “collaborators”!

And in this story, the weakest is not necessarily on the side you think!

If you want the truth, then know this: if the Government persists in its repression and its obstinacy in keeping Anglophones in the unitary state, it is the State of Cameroon which will collapse and not the Anglophone Secession.