The Cameroun government has stepped up its attack on international organisations operating in Southern Cameroun including Human Rights Watch and Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

In a statement dated February 27, 2020, and signed by Cameroun’s minister of Communication Rene Sadi, the government accused Human Rights Watch of collaborating and conspiring with Ambazonians against Cameroun. The statement particularly target Ilaria Allegrozzi, senior Africa researcher at Human Rights Watch.

The Cameroun government’s statement was in response to an investigative report published by HRW watch on the February 14, 2020, Ngarbuh Massacre in which at least 22 people including 15 children were slaughtered in cold blood. In the report, HRW concluded that based on interviews with eyewitness and family members, and review of satellite images, the Cameroun military together with some members of the local Fulani community carried out the massacre. Following the massacre, the word Genocide is increasingly and openly being used in international circles to refer to the situation in Southern Cameroon, Ambazonia.

In the statement, the Cameroun government also accused Doctors Without Border of treating wounded Ambazonian Freedom Fighters in their facilities. It should recalled that on February 19, 2020, the Cameroun military executed a driver working for Doctors Without border inside the St Mary Solidad hospital in Bamenda for transporting a gunshot patient for regular medical follow-up. During the almost 4.yrs old conflict, the Cameroun military has regularly attacked medical and religious facilities, ambulances and personnel in bridge Geneva Convention.

The 12-page statement by the Cameroun government does not provides credible evidence to substantiate the accusations against the international organisations. Below is the full statement.