Cameroun Intensify Brutality and Elimination Plots Against Ambazonian Journalists


Denis Ngu, AmbaNews24, Washington DC the USA

The existential fate of the Ambazonian journalist is being put to test, as the Ambazonian War of Independence has intensified, and taken an irreversible turn in the last four years. Faced with the stiff military resistance of the Ambazonian Defense Forces (ADF) who have displayed exemplary gallantry in guerilla warfare and are threatening to completely rout the occupational forces of French Cameroun in the battlefield, the regime of 87 years old dictator Paul Biya, has unleashed its barbarism and reign of terror towards members of the Ambazonian press, who have joined the clarion cry of the Ambazonian people to fight and see the complete end of colonialism, and the occupation of the Ambazonian territorial space by French Cameroun Republique.

This transfer aggression and brutality against the Ambazonian journalist has come to the forefront within the last few days following the revelation of the assassination of Samuel Wazizi who was arrested and disappeared since August of 2019. Sources closed to the late journalist’s family are still fighting to have the government French Cameroun account for the whereabouts of the mortal remains of the fallen journalist. Following an outcry, particularly from international human rights organizations, the Cameroun government has confirmed that it might have assassinated Samuel Wazizi. In an official statement, the government accused Wazizi of being a hardened Ambazonian terrorist, who was offering support, and a training ground to Ambazonian fighters.

Late Samuel Wazizi

As the outcry continued against the assassination of Samuel Wazizi, the case of Kingsley Njoka surfaced following his abduction three weeks ago by members of the paramilitary gendarmes, and have since been held incommunicado without any charges at the gendarmerie headquarters in the capital of Yaounde. This gendarmerie headquarters also are known as SED by its French acronym, is a well-known torture chamber, where detainees have faced some of the worse cruelty and gendarme brutality. Before he was abducted, his computers, cellphones, and cash were looted from his office.

Ambanews24 has learned of the case of journalist Thomas Jr. Awah Dzenyagha the director of a local newspaper known as the ‘Aghem Messenger’ who is said to have been abducted on January 2, 2017, in the Ambazonian chief town of Bamenda and whisked off, and has been in detention at the Kondengui security prison in French Cameroun capital Yaounde. As it is customary with the journalist, Thomas Dzenyagha has slammed an 11-year prison sentence in a sham trial in May 2018 for being guilty of ‘incitement of terrorism’. His health situation has since deteriorated very badly principally because of starvation and lack of medical care. Starvation is a well-known tactic used by French Cameroun authorities to extort confessions and punish Ambazonians suspected of sympathizing with the Ambazonian freedom movement. ‘They gave us two tease spoons of rice and beans per day, and sometimes just half a banana as food for an entire day’ narrated an Ambazonian former Kondengui detainee.

Mr. Ayah Abine visiting with detained Journalist Thomas Dzenyagha at the hospital

As the heavy burden of the Ambazonian War of Independence continues to weigh on the entire 8 million population of the territory, the members of the Ambazonian journalism corps will continue to pay a very high price for reporting the excessive brutality of the French Cameroun military against a civilian population, the military humiliation of Cameroun forces in Ambazonia and the utter silence of the international community.