CAMEROUN Military Accused of Burning Down Presbyterian Church in Ambazonia.


-Violates ART. 27 of The HAQUE Regulations

AmbaNews24 has received eye witness testimony and accounts that accuses the Cameroun military of setting ablaze and completely burning down of the Presbyterian Church in Mbufung village, a small locality in the Northern region of the territory that is in the 4th year of a war to free itself from the colonial chokehold of French Cameroun Republique.

The burning down of the church on Monday, February 17th 2020 is coming on the backdrop of escalating tensions between the warring factions following an international outraged after the same Cameroun military committed a massacre in Donga Mantung living over 30 people dead a majority of them children and pregnant women. Eye witness accounts from residents in the town of Mbufung reported the sighting of Cameroun military trucks filing into their community on the night before the arson of the church was discovered. Residents of the village are said to have fled the village upon noticing the presence of the dreaded forces for fear of attacks by the marauding forces who are notorious to often cause mayhem and vandalism as part of their strategy to enforce the colonial policy of Cameroun.

An eye witness narrated the scene of the destruction on video footage currently circulating on social media describing an episode of how they saw parents hastily hauling off their children into the forest in panic. After several hours had passed, word quickly circulated affirming that the military that invaded had burnt several houses including the Presbyterian Church building in which the villagers had just had services less than 24hrs.

It must be recalled that such attacks of religious institution by an army is a direct violation of Article 27 of the 1907 Haque Regulation which states that “In sieges and bombardments all necessary steps must be taken to spare, as far as possible, buildings dedicated to religion, art, science, or charitable purposes, historic monuments … provided they are not being used at the time for military purposes.” Members of the church which was set ablaze have been left dumbfounded asking why their church was targeted. The Vice-Chairman of the church could be seen visibly shaken by the destruction of the sacred place of worship.

The Presbyterian Church worldwide has on the recommendation of the Presbyterian church in Cameroon forcefully denounced the violence that is taking place against Christians. In a recent briefing, policy advisers of the Presbyterian church said they were working on seeking a lasting solution to the crisis and were seeking ways of having a collective voice with other churches worldwide.

Attempts to reach the leadership of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon remains futile, however, It must be noted that the Rt. Rev. Samuel Fonki who is the leader of the Church was one of the many clergies who attended and endorsed the Grand National Dialogue in Yaoundé in the hopes of solving the “Anglophone Crisis” as the Yaounde regime would prefer to describe the ongoing war. Many international organization and nations; notably the United States has since admitted that the Grand National Dialogue that took place in Yaoundé was neither inclusive nor did it meet the framework capable of addressing the ‘root cause’ of the conflict.
This is a developing story.