Solange A. Che
AmbaNews24 Correspondent London, United Kingdom

In the early hours of Saturday last week, the Cameroun military murdered at least 35 unarmed civilians in cold blood in Ngarbuh Village. Over ten of the children were less than five years old. Social media is filled with images of the massacre. The Cameroun military initially claimed it was all separatists propaganda. It has since changed its story in a Press Statement from the Ministry of Defense claiming the intentional slaughter of pregnant women and school children by Cameroun soldiers was “an accident.”

The Ambazonia leadership has not taken this massacre lightly. From the Press Release below, The President of the Ambazonia Governing Council has instructed the Council to take multiple counter actions and called on the international community to recognize the independence and sovereignty of Ambazonia to provide a permanent solution to these massacres.

Below is the full Press Release.

Ref: AGovC/OP/0216/2020/PR                                For Immediate Release: February 16, 2020

The Ngarbuh Massacre with at Least Fourteen Children Murdered by Cameroun Military

In the early hours of Saturday, February 15, 2020, soldiers of the Republic of Cameroun attacked the village of Ngarbuh in Donga-Mantung. In this unprovoked attack, the Cameroun soldiers killed at least twenty-two (22) unarmed Ambazonian civilians, including fourteen (14) children and a pregnant mother, and burnt down at least twenty-five houses. The children were all between one year and thirteen years old. The baby in the womb of the pregnant mother was also killed by the same Cameroun military.

The death of these innocent children, mothers and others touches the sense of collectivity and solidarity that characterizes our existence as a people of Ambazonia. I want to assure the bereaved families that in this moment of underserved pain, we as the people of Ambazonia stand with them in all aspects as necessary.

This massacre is a war crime! It is one in a long chain of systematic violation of the human rights of the Ambazonian people by the Republic of Cameroun, war crimes committed in Ambazonia by Mr Paul Biya and his regime, and a conscious, deliberate and intentional design by the Republic of Cameroun to annihilate the Ambazonian people. The genocidal actions of the Republic of Cameroun in Ambazonia constitute a crime against humanity.

I have directed the Ambazonia Governing Council to take appropriate action on multiple fronts against this barbarism, and work is ongoing intensively in this regard.  The government of the Republic of Cameroun and its military shall be held accountable in the short, medium and long terms for this act.

All Ambazonians should remember that this massacre is one reason that the freedom of our homeland from annexation, illegal occupation, oppression, rule and domination by the Republic of Cameroun is an existential imperative. The defence of everyone, especially women and children in Ambazonia is a national emergency to which every Ambazonian must now fully commit himself or herself.

This massacre justifies the existing military and economic sanctions by the United States of America on the Republic of Cameroun and calls on other countries to take similar actions as the USA to bring these senseless killings of the Ambazonian people by the Republic of Cameroun to an immediate end. The ongoing genocide and this infanticide make clear that the international community cannot expect the Cameroun government to provide a solution to this conflict in which the Republic of Cameroun is rather the perpetrator of war crimes and crimes against humanity. This massacre iterates that the Republic of Cameroun’s “National Dialogue” was a window dressing hoax, and there is no will in Mr Biya’s government to commit to a peaceful resolution of this conflict.

Nations that uphold democracy and human rights, the African Union and the United Nations have a duty to invoke the principle of the Responsibility to Protect the Ambazonian people. In accordance with UN General Assembly Resolution 1514 (XV) of 14 December 1960, which affirmed that “all peoples have an inalienable right to complete freedom, the exercise of their sovereignty and the integrity of their national territory,” all member states of the UN have a duty to recognize the right of the people of Ambazonia to self-determination and to live in peace and safety in their own country. This recognition is necessary to bring a speedy end to this continuous massacre of innocent children by the Republic of Cameroun, to provide a sustainable solution to the ongoing conflict, and to restore peace and stability in the Gulf of Guinea.