By Karl
AmbaNews Correspondent, Germany

An armature video has been circulated on social media today the 23 of May 2019, showing the dead body of a man lying in the middle of a street in his own pool of blood. The scene is very graphic, with the skull of the victim seemingly shattered. 

Also, visible nearby are the two motorcycles set alight by the perpetrators. 

The author of the said the man died from gunshots by the Cameroun military that has been fighting pro-independence separatist in Ambazonia. The victim in this incident is reported to be an unarmed civilian apparently heading to his job. A plastic bag that the deceased was carrying lay beside his mortal remains.

The incident took place on a four-way road about 4 miles outside of the city of Bamenda in a village called Mile 90.

The reporter is heard saying the military arrived the above-mentioned location and opened fire at civilians in an unprovoked attack. Multiple persons escaped after being shot. He could not say if those who escaped with gunshots survived or sustained injuries. However, he wondered in tears why the military would shoot and kill innocent civilians who were just doing their day to day business in their community at the time of the incident. He said he and others were around the scene when the victim was shot and killed, and his bike set ablaze.

AmbaNews24 has not authenticated independently the video as the incident seems to have just happened. 

The Cameroun Military has not responded to the current video, but has recently been forced to accept similar killings of civilians in the area. The Cameroun government recently opened a commission to assess killings and widespread destruction in the village of Alachu just last week by its forces. 

The author of the video begs and calls on the UN, the US and the international community to intervene and stop the ongoing carnage being committed by the Cameroon military. As international pressure increases against the government of Cameroon to end the violence and human rights abuses in Ambazonia, the military has seemingly ramped up its attacks with the recent killing of a 4-month-old baby in Muyuka on the May 20, and the beheading of a teacher in Bamenda a day after by alleged government-sponsored agents.