Cameroun Military Reportedly Sponsor Mbororos Militia to Attack Ambazonians.


By The ANA-lyst

Two amateur videos circulating online today has clearly shown the extent to which the Cameroun military is willing to go to cause more pain and havoc to the Ambazonian people in this war that it masterminded and declared on Ambazonia. In one of the videos, one can hear some military officers speaking in broken English, suggesting that they were of French Cameroun origin. The military officer speaking in the video could be heard giving orders, and instrumentalising some Mbororo men to attack other Ambazonian citizens in Wum, Menchum State of Ambazonia.

In the first video taken by Cameroun soldiers, about a dozen men are seen brandishing machetes and a Cameroun soldier narrating that they are angry because Ambazonian fighters killed a member of their community. The speaker who has a heavy French accent explains that the men are going to burn houses and destroy properties. The video also shows heavily armed Cameroun soldiers saying they are powerless to stop the Mbororo men from attacking other Ambazonians.

Cameroun Military with presumably Mbororo militias

The second video also taken by the same Cameroun soldiers shows a severely burnt individual being helped by presumably surrounded family members. The Cameroun soldiers taking the video explains that they arrived late after Mbororo men had committed the heinous act.

Attack on Ambazonians by Mbororo militias sponsored by Cameroun Military

The surfacing of the videos has left many asking questions as to why the heavily armed Cameroun soldier present did not disarm the machete-wielding Mbororo men who had clearly made their intentions known. Others have asked to know the where about of the Cameroun soldier when the men attacked and set the old victim alight.

The Cameroun government has claimed in many similar past instances that its military presence in the Ambazonian territory is aimed to protect civilians. However, recent events of human rights abuses by the military have left many people to conclude that the Cameroun regime is coordinating and sponsoring these attacks in order to create enmity among the local populations who have always lived together peacefully. Many locals believe the Mbororo men in the video were either paid by the Cameroun government to destabilise the peaceful community or are part of armed groups created by the government with the aim of causing atrocities and blaming them on Ambazonian fighters. In the midst of these atrocities, a local resident of Wum has suggested that some of the people claiming to be members of the Mbororo community are actually agents of the Cameroun military who are being disguised as Mbororo men.

Ambazonian leaders and self-defense groups have distanced themselves from attacks on Mbororos and other minority groups. In a Facebook address, the President of the Ambazonian Governing Council Dr. Lucas Ayaba Cho has condemned the atrocities in Wum. He repeated his call for peaceful co-existence within different Ambazonia ethic groups. He also called on Mbororos to resist any attempt by the Cameroun regime to instrumentalise them against their fellow Ambazonian brothers and sisters. He stated that there will be no revenge attacks and any Ambazonian fighter who attacks the Mbororos will be brought to justices.