Cameroun Panics as Opposition – MRC Plans Massive Protests Against Arrests and Excesses


By Karl
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Germany

The regime of Paul Biya, President of Cameroun, is increasingly under pressure from multiple fronts. In addition to Ambazonia’s increasingly defiant armed resistance, the Movement Pour la Rennaisance du Cameroun(MRC), Professor Maurice Kamto’s party increasingly calls for massive demonstrations in major cities.

Prof. Maurice Kamto – Jailed Cameroun Opposition Leaders and Presumed Winner of 2018 Presidential Elections

Biya’s government arrested and detained Maurice Kamto for organizing massive demonstrations in January and February 2019. According to official results, Maurice Kamto emerged second in October 2018 presidential elections but has out rightly rejected the results and challenged Paul Biya to prove his victory at the African Commission of Human and Peoples’ Rights.

Amongst other grievances, the party officials of the MRC party are calling on all concerned citizens of the Republic of Cameroon, to rise against the regime on account of the war Biya waged against Ambazonia. Besides rejecting rigged elections and the war against Ambazonia, the MRC call for a change of the electoral code, condemn the level of corruption, and impunity that forced the Confederation of African Court to withdraw Cameroun’s rights to host the African Nations Cup following insecurity, and lack of befitting infrastructure.

Cameroun’s government claiming disruptions of public order and peace, banned MRC’s anti-government demonstrations. Early Saturday morning, heavily armed police officers, stormed the firebrand Honorable Nintcheu’s residence, militant of the Social Democratic Front. Government troops generally surround target the Member of Parliament’s residence whenever massive demonstrations are organized in Douala.

Cameroun is a member to almost all international human rights conventions, but the country is amongst the most noted violators of human rights and chronically rejects implementing human rights recommendations by treaty monitoring bodies. Amongst important rights violations, defense forces arrest, torture, disappear and kill journalists for investigating and reporting anti-government news. Major human rights organizations have consistently accused Cameroun of gross and systematic human rights violations.

MRC Protest march