Cameroun Says Ambazonia Alliance with Foreigners Decimating its Military


Clifford S. Ajebe AmbaNews24, Finland

In a September 20, 2021 press statement, the Cameroun government has expressed its agony over the death of at least fifteen of its elite military soldiers in Bamessing, Ambazonia’s northern zone, and other areas across the Ambazonia territory.

A unit of the Ambazonia forces decimated the Cameroun elite military unit as it attempted entry into Bamessing in search of Ambazonia’s “General No Pity”. Unfortunately for them, the hunter became the hunted!

The next day, Cameroun dispatched two trucks filled with its soldiers to encircle and kill Ambazonian liberation fighters in Bamessing. One of the trucks suffered an accident, and ended up in a ditch in Bamenda with over 26 Cameroun soldiers seriously injured.

Ambazonia forces also used improvised explosive devices to blow up Cameroun military convoys in Bafut over the September 18 weekend.

From with multiple streams of defeat, the Cameroun government concluded that the uptick in Ambazonia military successes is a result of Ambazonia alliances with foreign entities. It should be recalled that the Ambazonia Governing Council entered into Alliamce with the neighnoring Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) last year, and there is empirical evidence that both groups are now engaged in sharing military intelligence, capabilities, etc.

The leader of the Ambazonia War of Independence, Dr. Cho Ayaba, has rebutted Cameroun’s claims that the defensive actions of Ambazonia constitute a violation of International Humanitarian Law. He writes:

In a Press Release dated 20th September 2021,the Ministry of Defence of the terrorist regime of Cameroun claimed that the sophistication of Ambazonian fighters is because of alliances built with foreign terrorist groups.

We want to inform the International Community that this desperate attempt by a genocidal crumbling regime to win the sympathy of Nigeria and other foreign governments must be dismissed forthwith. Ambazonians have organized themselves in structured defense formations in the defense of their territorial integrity, Independence and against a brutal regime of occupation that has refused to commit to a negotiated settlement to end its occupation of Ambazonia.

It must be further stressed that our forces are organised with a command and control, disciplined, and follow a code of conduct consistent with the spirit of the four Geneva Conventions on the Laws of War. The targets of our forces are largely military targets as opposed to the systematic targeting of civilians by the Cameroun regime of occupation.

The Ambazonia Governing Council calls on our people to continue their resistance until Cameroun is defeated, humiliated and held accountable for crimes of aggression, Crimes against genocide and war crimes.”

Dr Cho Ayaba,
Leader of Ambazonia liberation,
Ambazonia Governing Council (AGovC)