Reports reaching AmbaNews24 reveal that the Cameroun military is actively confiscating Identity Cards of people in Ambazonia and asking them to come and collect them on election day.

Within the last 24 hours, several victims have reached out to AmbaNews24 to report that their ID cards have been confiscated at military checkpoints along the highways in the Northern. Several eyewitnesses have also confirmed the reports

One of the victims told AmbaNews24 on condition of anonymity that the taxi they were travelling in along the Bamenda-Bui highway was stopped by the Cameroon military and all the ID cards of the passengers were confiscated by the soldiers. She added that they were asked about their place of residence and then instructed to show up at the polling station nearest to their place of residence on voting day to collect their ID cards. Another victim has told Ambanews24 that the Cameroun soldiers told him that he will be arrested if he does not show up to collect the card on voting day.

A 37-year-old whose name we can not reveal for security reasons told AmbaNews24 that Cameroun soldiers stopped the taxi they were travelling along the Bamenda-Bambui motorway on February 03, 2020, at about 6.30 PM and their ID cards were taken. They were all ordered to appear at Up-station polling station on election day or face arrest. They were also forced to pay 2000 CFA each or be taken away to military camps where they will have to pay 25000 CFA each before they could be released.

Several people have also reported about Cameroon soldiers breaking into their houses and taking away ID cards of all individuals of voting age. The victims are also ordered to show up at polling stations to collect the cards or face arrest. One of the victims, speaking to AmbaNews24 on condition of anonymity for fear of arrest or even execution by the Cameroun soldiers, said his ID card and those of his parents who are both in their 80s were taken away when the soldiers break into their home last Friday. He added that they instructed him to show up at a polling station and cast his vote and for his parents too, failure to do so they will return and shoot him and his parents. His money and other personal valuables were taken.

Our secret source within the Cameroun security forces has confirmed that they have received direct orders from Yaounde to do all it takes to make sure people turn out to vote. He adds that they have been ordered to make sure that note only vote casts are reflected on paper but people show up at polling station so pictures can be taken as evidence to the world that people turn out to vote. He also warns that arrests, intimidations, tortures and confiscation of ID cards will intensify as election day draws closer.

A video posted on Social media by an eye witness show hundreds of soldiers invading Ndamukong quarter in Bamenda

In the Southern Zone of Ambazonia, images have surfaced of the Cameroun military arresting hundreds of people and forcing them to take part in early elections. Victims, eyewitnesses and sources within the military have confirmed that this tactic to force people to vote is being used in many parts of Ambazonian. The pictures people was smuggled out by one of our secret sources within the Cameroun military.