Camerounians in France Hold Massive Paris Protest to Call on Paul Biya To Leave Power


By Moses Sone
AmbaNews24 Corresponent, Bordeaux – France

A huge rally has held in Paris, France calling for President Paul Biya, who has been in power in Cameroun for over 37 years to quit. The protest in Paris organized by the Camerounian diaspora is coming as the country is celebrating its National Day on 20th of May.

During the protest, speakers called on the French government to stop supporting Paul Biya whom many speakers described as ‘a killer and dictator’. Speakers equally called on the government in Yaoundé to release all political prisoners including presidential candidate Prof. Maurice Kamto, and Ambazonian independence freedom fighter BBC Mancho. The celebration of 20th May each year has become a big controversy particularly to the Ambazonian people who see this day as the day in 1972 when the federal nature of Cameroun Republic that protected the Southern Cameroons as a minority population was dissolved through a referendum. Both the citizens of the majority population of La Republique du Cameroun and the minority Ambazonian population were called upon to vote in this referendum to decide to abrogate the federal nature of the country, whereas only the minority Ambazonian population had voted in a plebiscite to create two states, equal in status with Cameroun Republique.