Los Angeles, California (February 4, 2020)— In what appears to be a Cameroun-sponsored Temporal Restraining Order against Tapang Ivo Tanku, a California based lawyer Nsahlai Emmanuel has once again been kicked out of a US state court after failing to support a temporary Restraining Order claim filed on behalf of his client Paddy Asanga.

Paddy Asanga’s TRO against Tapang Ivo Rejected

Paddy Asanga, a Hamburg, Germany based resident who was recently accused of cigarette theft in a German Supermarket flew all the way from Germany to USA in an effort to solicit a Temporal Restraining Order against one of Ambazonia’s fearless activist called Tapang Ivo Tanku. Despite his cross continental trip and investments on time and money, Mr. Asanga and his lawyer could not present a convincing case to the federal judge to warrant the granting of their pleading.Tapang, AmbaNews24 has gathered will be awarded yet again additional compensation for the second time.

This second potential court ordered financial award against Barrister Nsahlai comes just less than one week after same lawyer was mandated to pay all attorney fees to Mr. Tanku after the Cameroun paid lawyer had seen his previous filings for a certain Jane Doe dismissed. This is an easy opportunity to raise money for more guns one Ambazonian commented. “Tapang seems to have now  found himself in a million-dollar contract with the Republic of CamerounLa through Nsahlai & Paddy,” an expert jokes.
“How can Paddy fly from Germany to USA to lie to the court about civil harassment by a common Pizza boy,” Ndong Elias quips. “Do they really lack something serious to do with La Republique’s money?”

Assanga who recently stole cigarettes from a supermarket in Germany has recently been seen bragging on social media how he will ‘nail’ the Pizza boy. Yet, it seems with the California judge’s order today February 4, 2020; the hunter has become the haunted. 

In January 2020, a Federal California court found Nsahlai Emmanuel guilty of ‘bad faith’ and ordered that he pays Tapang about $6000 USD as sanctions, an order that now seems to have permanently shut down the year-long case which recently released court documents now reveals that Nsahlai’s initial case had been DISMISED with PREJUDICE by Judge N. M. Cousins.

Cameroun-sponsored US-based lawyer, Nsahlai Emmanuel

Under California Bar Rules, Nsahlai Emmanuel Kongnyuy is now required to report to the California Bar. This is a mandatory requirement by the California State Bar in circumstances where any license lawyer under its jurisdiction is sanctioned with an amount over $5,000 USD as a result of any abuse during the execution of their professional career. A fine against any lawyer by a federal judge under the rules as stated are considered a ‘serious offense’; significant enough to warrant an immediate review of any license lawyers eligibility as a licensed attorney in the State of California. Nsahlai’s license to practice AmbaNews24 has leant is now in jeopardy as the previous judgement against him could potentially lead to him being disbarred per Rules state. Tabe Gerald reporting for AmbaNews 24