By Ashu Stanislaus
AmbaNews24 Correspondent, Yaounde – Cameroun

Cameroun’s Minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi, has said that Cameroun soldiers are not responsible for the killing of a four months old baby, Neba Martha Mbuh, in Muyuka, Fako State on May 20, 2019. In a May 22, 2019, Press Statement, the minister argues that the Cameroun army is incapable of committing such act at a time when Cameroun’s President, Paul Biya is engaged in efforts to appease the population in the “Northwest and Southwest Regions of Cameroun.”

In the statement, Minister Emmanuel Sadi tried to analyze the shooting and put the blame on Ambazonian fighters by concluding that the baby was killed by armed men with Dane guns because if she was killed by professional weapons, the nature of the wound would have been different. He went on that the video footage that has gone viral on social media showing the dead body of the baby and her mother, Emilia Agbor being interviewed is designed to blackmail the Cameroun government. He concluded that the aggrieved mother and the interviewer are accomplices to this act.

Minister Emmanuel Sadi made a further unsubstantiated claim that the child was killed by Ambazonia pro-independence fighters in retaliation against the father’s decision to decamp from the fighting ranks of the pro-independence fighters.

Parents, Grand Parents and Eyewitnesses recount to Journalists the ordeal at the hands of the Cameroun Military

These claims by the Cameroun government notwithstanding, many observers have pointed out that the accounts contradict those of eyewitnesses.

Dominic Meme Mwakimo, a journalist of Canal 2 visited the scene of the attacks and interviewed eyewitnesses. They recounted to him how Cameroun military armored cars and heavily armed soldiers invaded the residence, forcing the family to quickly run for safety leaving behind the baby. Another eyewitness account reported that upon their return to the vicinity, they overhead one of the soldiers who spoke in French openly rebuking his colleagues for shooting the baby dead.

Parents say 4-month-old was executed by the Cameroun military

The father of the murdered baby, Funi Zephania Neba, spoke to reporters and recounted the ordeal “My baby was sleeping in the sitting room when six armored cars drove to the compound. The military started ‘raining’ bullets. I ran out, and one of them broke open the door shooting my baby dead.”